Rose Colombo, 30-year researcher on injustices and legal abuses, 2X Irwin Award-winner of “Fight Back Legal Abuse” self-help book and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals,” political satire on depopulation and redistribution of wealth.

Are Americans and the World being used and abused by criminal-minded public servants and wealthy CEO’s such as AI, 5G, Oil, Auto, and Big Pharma who may be invested in Big Pharma and China or members of the New World Order? Do they believe there are too many people on the planet and that they are the chosen ones to determine who should live or die and who should be used as human commodities for human capital?

20/30/2021 Halloween Deaths by Luciferease – ereasing health and lives for headed to recorded adverse effects on once healthy people with 1, 2, or 3 jabs on Human Lab Rats and headed for reported 20,000 deaths by VAERS but lawyers filing lawsuits are stating the numbers are much higher and the deaths are closer to 50,000….WHY SHOULD WE ALLOW PFIZER, MODERNA, FAUCI, WALL STREET CEO EMPLOYERS, WHITE HOUSE, CDC, WHO, BioNTech and all involved in this nightmare force Americans to be used as Human Lab Rats while they use Americans as their live case studies with no liability criminally or civilly and and dismisses the deaths and injuries in the millions or thousands as human collateral – Human Lab Rats – Human Commodities for their Human Capital and depopulation? SHouldn’t they be held criminally knowing Dr. Fauci warned that the “candidates” or Human Lab Rats are ‘AT-RISK” and “Consequences Unknown,” and “the injections could “ENHANCE THE INFECTION.” Isn’t that Gross Negligence, FBI?

After all, it is the Big Pharma Lobbyists who run Congress by their big donations which has been an issue since the 1980s. The Wall Street Billionaires now fund Democrat and RINO senators, congressional members, AG’s, D.A.’s, Governors, Mayors, state legislatures and China and Iran and apparently ISIS and the Taliban. It appears that they have nearly made the entire government in key positions their puppets. In my Irwin Award-Winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” published in 2010, I explained that we no longer have 3 branches of government,” Colombo stated.

Old man is showing his number he got in Ausschwitz  holocaust stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Colombo says, “This award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” published in 2010, reveals that America was changed and transformed after the Obama-Biden-Hillary-Kerry-Pelosi-Schumer-Democrat White House and Congress and Senate were running the nation back in 2009 It was at that time, that this writer and researcher wrote that Americans no longer are being governed by 3 branches of government. Many Americans believe we have a 2-tier justice system, but we don’t. This writer wrote that Americans are being denied 3 branches of government because after the Obama-Biden regime was pre-selected to run the nation, they morphed the 3 branches of government into one branch of government. They have held themselves above the law and exempted themselves from the law and punishment and those who donate to their campaigns and became a self-protecting and self-disciplining and self-governing federal D.C. entity which appears to be a foreign entity from the USA.

Obama-Biden team wasted no time declaring that Obama would be running the USA by a phone and a pen by writing Executive Orders which apparently are from the New World Order men and women behind the curtain of deception who seek world power and control and kicking God out of the USA and all nations around the world which is what Communist Nations do. Obama-Biden team declared that Obama would run the nation and by-pass congress and the Constitution which he referred to as “meaningless” by “Executive Orders” and mandates which set a very bad and unconstitutional and unlawful precedent that today’s White House is applying and bypassing the Will of the Majority of Americans and bypassing the Congress and Senate and writing mandates that are not in accordance with the U.S. Constitution, but in accordance with Big Pharma and Big Tech and NWO Billionaires who fund nearly every key person in the DNC.

Is Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, George Soros laughing at Americans and the world who are basically under their mandates and control while it appears from photos and articles, they don’t get jabs – not experimental jabs – or wear masks –

Are mandated Experimental and Trial chemical-laden Injections lawful, legal, and Constitutional? The truth is that fear mongering, threats, bullying and coercion, brainwashing and using Americans as slaves, chattel, property for Big Pharma and CDC and WHO and HHS and Investors in Big Pharma forcing people by threat of losing their livelihood immoral and unethical and illegal and crimess on the law books? How is it not crimes of murder or injury to innocent people who under duress and fear of losing their jobs and businesses and freedom and die or injured after the experimental jabs which appears to be a pattern now as reported by the victims and doctors and Scientists not crimes against Americans? A police officer was arrested when he ran into another vehicle on a car chase and the driver died, but you can ignore 10s of 1000s of deaths or millions of healthy people who ended up permanently injured for life after 1 or 2 experimental jabs as just a coincidence when Fauci admitted to his colleagues that there were unknown consequences and the jabs could “enhance the infections” the “candidates” aka Human aka Rats are “at-risk” by the warp speed experimental and trial injections?

Toxic chemicals can harm the immune system and cause chronic disease. These conditions can increase deadly cases of the virus. These scientists warn that the continuing epidemic of chronic disease will make this and future pandemics much worse. And this plague of chronic disease is due to toxic chemical exposures. May 14, 2020

The Billionaires invested in Big Pharma and BioNtech and Oxytech and other investments tied to the warp speed injections appear to control those who take their blood money and control the World Banks and Wall Streets, Big Pharma, AI, and 5G and weather manipulation, HAARP, Chemtrails, GMO Lab grown non-nutritional foods so they can continue to bypass long term case studies approved by the medical experts and bypass approved FDA Licensed Vaccines that takes 5 to 15 years of case studies and data to come to a conclusion on efficacy and safety?

November 10, 2021
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Cardiologist Medical Doctor, 52, who Wanted to Punch Anti-Vaxxers in the Face DEAD After COVID Booster Shot  – Health Impact News

The use and control MSM and 2 giant social media techs who gave 6 figure donations through Eco Health and the Billionaires who donated to Dr. Baric and Dr. Fauci’s research of the secret coronavirus and gain-of-function in the USA and then off shored it over to Wuhan to blame only China and take the focus off of them in the USA. This raises the question if this was pre planned in order to usher in the NWO Big Pharma for the NWO’s depopulation program and redistribution of wealth to the NWO members in their pre planned never-ending masks, distancing, control over the masses and their never ending experimental and trial chemical-laden abs? They are rationing and denying real health care and using people as human lab rats for their profitability for a flu with a 99.9% recovery rate. Rationing and Denying health care is included in Obamacare which I waned and informed Americans and congress in February 2009 by emailing each of them and the U.S. Justices in a Blog entitled, “Obamacare is Unconstitutional and Illegal.” It borders on extortion and includes death panels and was read in part on the congressional floor with my name. Obamacare included rationing and denying health care and euthanasia and mandated worldwide U.S. taxpayer funded vaccines and abortions for depopulation which caused me to wonder if Bill Gates assisted in the creation of Hillarycare morphed into Obamacare at Microsoft.

.It appears tricking the people into believing that the POTUS can use E.O.’s and Mandates to overthrow or bypass or ignore or rewrite the U.S. Constitution is legal, lawful and constitutional, but it is not. Executive Orders as stated by Senator Dan Lundgren and many other representatives on the congressional floor were never intended to make law. Only congress is granted authority to make laws. Executive Orders were intended to make administrative policies and regulations, not to easily trick the people and cause them to believe that any POTUS can bypass the U.S. Constitution, which is a dangerous path, and should not be allowed to continue, but who will stand up to these steps to totalitarian rule?

Executive Orders are written and approved by the New World Order not by the U.S. Congress or Senate in my opinion so they can criminalize Americans who they refer to as “right wing extremist” and “deplorables” and “small minded” and “ignorant” and “domestic enemies.” This is stunning by people in public office who have been taking our tax dollars most of their lives and never worked at a job in their lives but live off the taxpayers for life until they die and then turn against the majority of Americans as domestic enemies because the right opposes overthhrowing the U.S. Constitution by Executive Orders and Big Pharma’s Lobbyists and NWO Billionaires who fund the entire Democrat Party who then are beholdin’ to their political, financial, and personal agendas.

The Constitution was never intended to trick the American people by a cabal of wealthy people invested in BIg Pharma, 5G and AI to usher in a new totalitarian government known as The New World Order which is treason, totalitarian and a potential for a genocide which is the goal of the New World Order; rationing and denying food and water, destroying the Middle Class abusing their authority of quarantines which have never been intended for years of Lock Downs until the small business owners are destroyed and millions of jobs are destroyed along with farms and ranches and forcing Native Americans and ranchers off their land where there are water rights and mines, so Billionaires can buy up the land which should never be allowed in the USA along with China who they use for slave labor and honey pots and lean towards Communism and their “Merit Apps” that deny freedom to their citizens which in the USA, these Billionaires and Millionaires are referring to as “vaccine passports” which overthrows the U.S. Constitution which again in my opinion is Treason for which they have no authority to do, except by tricking the American people as they abuse their job duties, constitutional authority and seek to control the planet with fewer people and redistribute the world’s wealth to themselves.

It appears using health care to criminalize Americans is unlawful, illegal, and unconstitutional and crimes against Americans using fear mongering, coercion, and threats to starve people to death and destroy their careers, jobs, businesses and force them into homelessness as well as into divorce, depression and suicide. Americans don’t elect or pay these public servants to abuse their positions and steal elections or criminalize Americans who disagree with the Left and bust down doors because healthy people resist being used as their Human Lab Rats for their profits and case studies and put everyone under a microscope to collect their data and grant themselves total immunity from killing people or injuring people permanently for life.

Despite the pattern, the money making Big Pharma, HHS, CDC, WHO, and White House ignore the pattern of tens of thousands of healthy kids and elderly and adults, who were jabbed or else couldn’t work or go to school, ended up injured or dead claiming with their bias MSM and 2 giant social media sites that have experimental jabs didn’t have anything to do with their chemical-laden and therapy never used on human beings in the past, although Dr. Fauci said it did and there would be unknown consequences to individuals jabbed with experimental and trial injections, so they don’t have to take responsibility or be arrested for all those they are jabbing after fear mongering and be criminally liable or financially liable for the deaths or permanent injuries to the population of the world.

Many people state, “We have 2 branches of government,” but I stick with my statement in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” that there is only one branch of government when the majority of the 3 branches are accepting big donations from Big Pharma Lobbyists as well as Soros and Gates, and New World Order CEOs on Wall Street, FB, Twitter, and MSM.

They allowed Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro, an Indonesian National, upon re-entry into the USA to be slipped into office with the help of donations from the DNC, NWO CEOs, Soros, Kissinger, Gates, Hollywood and MSM Glitz in 2009. The 3 Branches of government allowed Obama to bypass the vetting of a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate, which should have been America’s first hint, but he was cool and he was “The One.” He was the one – the one who bypassed Congress and the U.S. Constitution and mandated laws by Executive Order for 8 years, released terrorists and jihadists from prisons and GITMO and funded them. He denied Christian Prayer in the Military. He sought to deny them an increase in wages and a 3rd hot meal. He stated, The Sermon on the Mount and The Bible was violent and the Koran was Holy.

He and Biden and Hillary and Biden and Panetta who were present watching our Americans and American Heroes being threatened and then attacked and tortured and murdered on real time while they denied the Military ready-to-go and help save them from the Islamic Terrorists. This is the first time in U.S. History that the U.S. government abandoned and failed to protect a U.S. Ambassador. No one intervened and said “GO!” Panetta stated Obama was “MIA” and Dr. Manning stated he was sleeping because he wanted to get up early and fly to Vegas for a Beyonce and Jay Z fundraising concert the next day. And, yet, the entire federal government didn’t try to impeach Obama or Hillary, only Trump. How is that?

The Economic Aspect Of Globalization |

The Obama-Biden-Hillary-Democrat regime left gifts for ISIS such as Billions in taxpayer funded vehicles, weapons and ammunition when they suddenly withdrew the troops from Iraq which were worth Billion in U.S. taxes. The Obama-Biden regime dropped gifts on ISIS dropping needed supplies intended for the victims fleeing their villages to escape ISIS torture. Obama-Biden-Kerry-Hillary regime dropped barrels of money in the Billions of dollars at the feet as a gift to the Iranian Imam and he wasn’t impeached. Obama and Hillary funded Muslim Brotherhood leaders into office in foreign nations including the Ivory Coast.

The Egyptians told Obama and Hillary not to fund the tyrannical Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi, or interfere in their elections in Egypt, but they did, anyway. They funded Morsi to help remove Mubarak from office who was neutral to the USA and Israel, but not Morsi. The Egyptians warned Obama and Hillary not to fund Morsi because he would murder Christians and Coptic Christians and burn down their homes and churches and kill the Priests which he did after elected. About 50,000,000 Egyptians protested at Morsi’s doorstep and he was finally arrested and removed from office. Obama-Biden-Holder-and Hillary-Kerry-Jarrett regime were not held accountable.

However, who cared what Hillary or Obama or Biden did or the Democrat party? Apparently, not many, because the 3 branches of government morphed into one branch of government when Obama took office in 2009. Obama-Biden team punished U.S. Military men who were ordered to not to protect themselves and shoot a foreign enemy on the battlefield in the Middle East without permission. And, now, we have One Branch of Government operated by Biden or is it being run by a shadow whispering in his ear in the basement who may have been given a Third Term by slipping Biden into office using their electronic machines and mail-in fake ballots or ballots dumped into trash bins.

The majority of Americans believe they were hoodwinked by the DNC and their Billionaire Wall Street donors who basically own the DNC. They fund AG’s, D.A.’s, Governors, Mayors and we saw what happened in those Blue States when these Billionaires funded BLM and ANTIFA and still do and no one in those states held them accountable but protected them even if they killed civilians and police or injured them for life, but not the people who didn’t kill anyone on January 6th, but walked into a public building paid by taxpayers that the Speaker of the House was responsible to secure.

Should Americans and the senate not ask if the White House in 2021 and Big Pharma CEO’s, CDC, WHO, HHS, and Department of Education, EEO and wealthy NWO CEO’s acting as the doctors for every American and practicing medicine by using fear and coercion and threats that they must have multiple medical chemical injections that are experimental and trial which appears to be violating the law that prohibits people from practicing medicine without a license? What authority do employers have to keep medical records on their employees? Which authority do they have to violate the laws on the law books because coercion, fear mongering, bullying, threats to deny work and the right to sustain one’s lifestyle and necessities of life or take no responsibility for the employees who die or are permanently injured without criminal or financial or moral liability?

It appears that Joe Biden is practicing medicine without a license by acting as America’s one nation doctor for 339 million Americans by forcing mandated experimental and trial injections, not approved and licensed vaccines, using Executive Orders even though E.O’s were never intended to make laws? This appears to be outside of his job duties and his sworn oath to keep Americans free from harm. But, who can we seek for help now to stop this insanity? How can they ignore the thousands dying after the jabs or getting covid after the jab or permanently injured without being arrested? Oh, it’s for the good others is it? Or how about growing aliens inside your body through heat, bromide, aluminum and graphene – Sound Sci-Fi, while how many people are carrying these alien parasites growing inside their bodies now after jabbed with their experimental and trial injections: Click on the link and find out –

VIDEO: JAB: Scientist Discovers Hatching Eggs, Parasites Birthed after Injection – Video: Stew Peters Interviews Dr. Jane Ruby – This video will probably be removed by the super powers operating the internet – in my opinion:

The above link should be viewed by all people everywhere before it is taken down….it is not fiction, unfortunately and no one is concerned in Big Pharma or the White House, Congress, EU, Wall Street CEO’s, especially, AI, and all investors which eventually will affect them and their families over time….if what appears to be the nightmare sci-fi covid cult seeking to reduce the population of the planet isn’t ended soon in my opinion.

Woe to anyone who does harm to a child and a baby for God has warned you. Woe to you who kill and injure God’s healthy human beings and all living creations upon the earth because of rejecting God and the Ten Commandments shall never be happy. They will always be lost souls in a world without emotions because they can’t face their own pain. God warns that the pits of Hell will be the punishment for all eternity for anyone who seeks to replace Scientists with God and God’s creation of heterosexuals or procreation with trans humans and same sex survivors who can’t procreate. Woe to them who alter God’s created miracle known as DNA that makes each human being unique. Hitler used experimental and trial injections and surgeries on his human lab rats and he also starved them to death before incinerating those who survived. Fighting back against evil ones needs good people to pray each day must include asking God to rebuke, reject and bound up evil ones every day.

Colombo stated, “I informed Americans through my award-winning book, pub. in 2013, a political satire entitled, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, Rednecks & Radicals, written in an Orwellian style with fictional characters portraying the good versus the evil ones who were planning to depopulate the nation and redistribute all the wealth to themselves and steal the Judeo-Christian nation that there are consequences whether in this life or the next.. Watch for the updated version coming out in late 2021, Obamasaurus, fictional adventure story and political satire on the redistribution of wealth and tyranny.

I highly recommend that you watch and share the video below as information for educational and entertainment purposes only. – Click on the Link if it’s still available. As, the powers that be on the LEFT continue to silence Americans who are neutral or Conservative or Christian or Patriots and take down important information online by denying Americans – Freedom of Speech over a flu – watch it while you still can.

The Democrats, White House, Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Fauci, Soros, Gates, China are using FDA approved EXPERIMENTAL AND TRIAL INJECTIONS, (vaccines must be approved through protocol and licensed by the FDA to be labeled as licensed vaccines. It takes from 5 years up to 15 years or more to be approved and licensed as safe and effective). The Left including Fauci, CDC, and WHO, may also have silenced all international doctors with cures for covid and banned them from the internet in many cases since the major giants are all involved with these billionaires.. If their protocols are so great then why are people dying or injured permanently before or after jabbed? Doctors stated they’ve threatened to take their licenses away and destroy them. Is this really about health care or is it about the potential of criminal minded people seeking to reduce the population in America and around the world for profit and control and power?

Click the link below before this education and entertaining information is removed from the internet.

Evil People are sociopaths and without guilt or conscience no matter what they do to humanity. They are narcissist and greedy. They thrive on power and control without conscience over their victims. They have no conscience of how many people die or suffer and they are tyrants. Many have sexual pervasive habits. They cause death and injury and economic strife under the guise of humanitarianism. Why do so many people put up with them? Is it out of fear or bribes? What happened to David Rockefeller? Brzezinski? GHWB? McCain? Saddam? Hitler? Stalin? Lenin? Pol Pot? Morsi? Manson? Jim Jones? Mao Zedong (killed 45 Million) – You can starve people to death -for example, using non-nutritional GMO seeds that don’t reproduce naturally as God intended as one possibility which is what happened to the farmers in Africa when Bill Gates convinced their leaders to use the GMO seeds and their crops didn’t reproduce and many of the farmers committed suicide. Did the NWO members repent before they died? Remember, who controls the food, water, and oil can control the world and we know who is controlling health care, invested in Monsanto, 5G and AI, and Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech and J&J and raking in the billions using Human Commodities turned into Human Lab Rats for their Human Capital and without any liability or accountability for deaths or injuries which is insane.

For example: “We will start the list with one of history’s oldest, cruelest and most unpredictable tyrants. Caligula ruled with an iron fist from 37AD to 41AD, and in these four short years he restored treason trials, causing the death of many. Records show that the first six months of his reign were quite moderate, but after this, he worked manically to increase the unconstrained power of the emperor, attained new lands – both for himself and for the Empire – and led a campaign of sadism, extravagance and sexual perversity for the remaining three and a half years of his reign. He was murdered at the Palatine Games, which seems to be a point to karma.” (Treason Trials: The Democrats are currently accusing good Americans of being domestic terrorists – why do you think they are doing that?) Below is an excellent video for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Click Below to view the information below for education and entertainment purposes only.


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