Rose Colombo, award-winning 5 Star Review author of “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” pub. 2010 and Orwellian fictional adventure story on the Redistribution of Wealth and its devastating effects on mankind in her political satire, “Obamacare, Dinosaurs,  Rednecks and Radicals” seen on –

Click Below to Listen to Colombo Chronicles Live!  A worldwide online radio podcast on what appears to be selective prosecution in favor of Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, appointed by Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro.

In the USA, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, removed aka stole 33,000 classified and non-classified government documents without authorization which is a federal crime according to the United States Law Books.  Hillary Clinton is reported to have hired a paid team, including at least one other lawyer, to destroy the classified and non-classified evidence with a hammer and bleach bit.  The emails were compromised from the moment Hillary and Huma and her team shared these emails onto personal servers in the home of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.  The emails were compromised when Hillary and her team willingly attempted to destroy them with a hammer and bleach bit and lied about while running for President of the USA in November 2016.

Hillary Clinton lied about removing aka stealing classified documents on national television even though former FBI Director, Comey, stated she did remove classified documents. On the other hand, Americans were surprised after Comey laid out all the evidence for an indictment against Hillary Clinton and suddenly and to everyone’s surprise, Comey and former USAG, Loretta Lynch stated they would not indict Hillary Clinton.  Hillary must have felt like the little boy in the movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” who won the one and only golden pass to eat as much chocolate as his heart desired without consequences.

Hilary’s team, Human Abedin, and Hillary Clinton were granted the golden VIP FBI and DOJ Pass of selective prosecution and “no indictment,” but granted immunity instead for one of the biggest scandals ever in U.S. History.   On the other hand, Human Abedin’s family are employed by the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood publishes anti-American and anti-Israeli publications with instructions on how to wipe our the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Israel.

It appears that FBI hasn’t cared to-date that Huma Abedin shared U.S. government classified and non-classified documents on her home computer to the best of my knowledge.  Huma was given a rare FBI and DOJ golden pass as well.  Americans should ponder if  there are any investigations that indicate Huma Abedin’s family accessed thousands of sensitive emails concerning National Security of the United States, which included  classified and non-classified government documents; however,  it appears no one really cares about these serious matters.

And, then there’s the Russian Dossier scandal. The allegations target the Democrats who appear to have been involved in the creation of the fake Russian Dossier.  There are allegations that  Hillary Clinton paid for the fake Russian Dossier, but who cares about that as the only person being investigated it appears is President Trump, his son, and conservatives linked to President Trump, even if briefly.

Furthermore, there’s a serious  investigation in another huge scandal entitled, “Uranium One” that appears to be swept away in the Mueller Investigations.  Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, assisted with the sale of  20% of America’s Uranium to a foreign enemy nation, Russia, and that appears to be ignored. In fact, the investigation into the billions deposited into the Clinton Foundation involving the profits made from Uranium One and the donations from around the world intended for the Haitians who suffered a major disaster ended up in the Clinton Foundation appears to be swept away.

Were the profits deposited into the Clinton Foundation shared among her peers who protect her and Bill Clinton from the scandals? Every scandal involving the Clinton’s appears to include serious Conflicts of Interest and appears to be more of a “Breach of National Security” and a “Breach of National Security Trust,” not mere carelessness, but then who are we, but the government who pays their wages, also dismissed as “stupid,” and “foolish” and “easily tricked” or “small-minded” people as well as deplorable according to Hillary Clinton and Obama and the Democrats.

Should Americans not ask if there are  VIP golden passes of “protection” that appears to be only  for “Some and for $um” as I published in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse?”

Hillary Clinton appeared on video when a reporter asked Hillary Clinton if she thought she would be indicted for the email scandal.  Hillary Clinton sarcastically stated, “That will never happen.”  Does Hillary know something that the general public doesn’t know when it comes to protection from prosecution?

Click below to listen:

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