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Will Dr. Jerome Corsi, 72. well-respected journalist, researcher, and author, who questioned Obama’s birth certificate,  be another casualty along with Roger Stone, as a possible indictment and arrest.  The persons who have been charged by the Mueller team alleged in the news were General Kelly, Paul Manafort and Attorney Cohen, in an investigation related to the Russian Dossier.  Hillary Clinton gets a free pass for her alleged participation in the Russian Dossier and the email scandal and Benghazi scandal as well as the Clinton scandal involving Uranium One and Haiti.  It appears the Clinton’s and Obama’s are untouchable and above the law.  It appears that the Democrats involved in the NWO, UN, CFR, EU, and Deep States appear to be paving the way through corrupted elections to pass the baton to Hillary Clinton and crown her in 2020!  Will that be her reward in 2020?

The world knows that Hillary Clinton lied about removing classified government documents without authorization among the 33,000 government documents that were non-classified documents without authorization as the former Secretary of State, but the Democrats care less unless you’re in the military or a conservative it appears  and a journalist for the right.  Hillary Clinton is a lawyer and former First Lady of Arkansas and the White House and former Senator with knowledge of the law.  Hillary Clinton was seen on video training her State Department staff on video on  how to handle sensitive government documents and cyber security.

Former FBI Director laid out all the evidence to indict Hillary Clinton in the email scandal but made a detour along with Loretta Lynch whose name is swept away it does appear so she may have been given a pass as well.  It appears that there is selective prosecution in the DOJ because Hillary and Obama and Huma Abedin were set free just as Hillary claimed when asked if she would ever be prosecuted by the FBI and she stated to a reporter, “That will NEVER happen.”

On the other hand, as the FBI may be considered indicting Roger Stone and Dr. Corsi who support President Trump and not Obama or Hillary raises the question as to why Human Abedin was set free after sharing government documents on her home computer with knowledge her family are employees and generational Muslim Brotherhood links who publish anti-American materials?  How do they know if those U.S. government documents weren’t shared with the Muslim Brotherhood?  And, who care in the DOJ – anyone?  Just Askin’ –

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