Rose Colombo, (c) 10/8/2018, award-winning author and 5 Star Review, “Fight Back Legal Abuse” and “Obamacare, Dinosaurs, RedNecks and Radicals” (political satire on the redistribution of  wealth and depopulation)

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“How much money is made from human trafficking? The ILO estimates human trafficking generates $150.2 billion in illegal profits each year. More that these profits  are from forced labor exploitation and the remaining two-thirds from sexual exploitation.”  (

Are females and children safe in the United States of America, Europe, and the Philippines?  It appears that many of the  Globalist  have conspired to create an open border one world order without sovereignty and without protecting the safety and welfare of legal natural-born citizens of Free nations. Shouldn’t  Americans and Europeans question if human beings have always been used by the powers that be, who  control the wealth of the world, if they view individuals as human commodities? 

“There are approximately 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today. According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children.”  (

(The video:  Shocking Sex Trafficker Interview/Ross Kemp Extreme World is a dissemination of information for educational and entertainment purposes only and all copyrights belong to the producer of the video not to be used for personal or commercial profit without permission from the producer).

Consequently, I touched on the fact that in America, human beings are being used as “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital.” Human Commodities are big profits and big business as I touched upon inside my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse.  I inadvertently came across a document entitled, “The Study on Human Capital” signed by former impeached President Bill Clinton who set this study into action and ordered the study to be put in motion.  Why would Clinton order such a study?

Clinton’s “Study on Human Capital” was implemented.  The study appeared as a study that would be similar to that of Adolf Hitler causing me to visualize Bill Clinton as Comrad Clinton.  The study was ordered to determine the value or lack of value of each individual human being, who  may be beneficial to the federal government and wealthy globalists, who control the world’s economies. The study would determine the value of individuals based on age, health, politics, religion, patriotism, sexual preference, gender, IQ,  race and ethnicity.   

Ironically, Obamacare includes the implementation of a  a Committee,  who will determine who lives and dies.  The committee will be granted the authority to ration or deny Rx Drugs and or Treatments targeting Americans only.  Obamacare includes Death Panels aka “Death to America” as chanted by the radicalized foreigners from the Middle East.  Obamacare is the worst HMO that mimics the micro-managed no-quality health care insurance ever implemented in the USA during the 1990’s.  

Obamacare was unread, unconstitutional, illegal,and  unlawful.  President Trump should sign an Executive Order Repealing the Entire 2700 pages since Obama admits that he  was born in Kenya.  Obama intentionally stated he wouldn’t follow or uphold the U.S. Constitution.  He stated many times that the Congress and U.S. Constitution are “meaningless.”  It’s my opinion, that the healthcare industry must be returned to the private insurance industry with the stipulation of maintaining the clause  that provides for  “pre-existing conditions.”  It’s time to repeal Obamacare in its entirety and return this consumer product back to the States and private industry and restore the right and the freedom to choose which consumer products or services people choose to buy with their own hard-earned money. 

Remember, Obama and Pelosi lied to Americans about mandated taxpayer-funded abortions and have forced Americans to pay to  run a private for-profit corporation named Planned Parenthood.  Obama and Pelosi and the Democratic Congress forced Americans to pay for the abortions of women who aren’t their responsibility  and choose to get pregnant once or multiple times.  They are forcing Americans to pay for the abortions of strangers and wipe out future natural-born Americans at birth  by denying Americans their constitutional right to oppose killing babies by the millions with abortion scissors based on morality and religious beliefs.  Abortion is a depopulation program for future Americans needed to preserve the Nation.

Obamacare needs to be repealed and nullified by President Trump on its face as unconstitutional. In fact, Obama exempted himself from Obamacare along with all federal top White House personnel, Congressional members, Senators, Muslims, Illegals, SEIU, Donors and Bundlers who donate to Obama and the DNC. 

Obama and the lawmakers and law enforcers aren’t granted authority to hold themselves and those they favor above the law or exempt themselves from the law.  No one in the USA, especially lawmakers and law enforcers can hold themselves above the laws they mandate and enforce unread laws upon the rest of Americans.The truth is that only criminals hold themselves above the law and exempt  themselves from the law. Obama and Congress are exempting themselves from laws that they decided not to read, but rubber stamp “approved.” Obama and Congress who refused to sign up and pay up for Obamacare are in violation of their own laws and their sworn oath which requires them to uphold and follow the law.   

Furthermore, there is a serious issue involving CPS also known as Child Protective Services operating within the Family Law Courts.  Child Protective Services and Custody of children after divorce are included in an entire chapter in my book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse.”  About 1989 through the present time, 2018, Child Protective Services appears to be operating with unlimited powers.  It appears that they get kickbacks from the federal government for every child they remove from parents they target by alleging that they’ve been accused of child abuse.  The decision to remove the children is based upon accusation only in many cases. And, CPS usually will have the police present because they know that most parents are going to be resistance, shocked, and angry, especially if they are 100% innocent. And, its my understanding that the accuser can remain anonymous.  

The CPS agents appear to maintain  unlimited powers when it comes to removing minor children even from non-offending parents during divorce.  Its been my experience that judges fear making a decision in opposition to a CPS employee.  In the 1990’s and early Millennium years, CPS was removing children from non-offending parents during divorce or after divorce.  Many children were placed in foster care and its been reported that not all foster parents are non-abusers.  So, there are cases where children have been removed from non-offending parents and placed with abusive foster parents.  Many foster kids are placed in foster homes and no one knows what happened to them.

My grassroots organization wasn’t o posing kids removed from abusive parents, however, we were opposing children removed from non-offending parents and accusations made by an anonymous accuser.   Once my organization hit national news and  radio and TV, more single mothers began to speak out.

The truth is that Senator Nancy Shaffer reported the truth to Congress and it appears it may have cost her and her husband their lives. Shaffer reported that CPS was removing children from non-offending parents and placing them in Foster Care because their agency receives kickbacks for their treasure chest from the federal government.  The more kids they remove, the more tax  incentives their agency receives from  the federal government. How is this not considered child trafficking of kids and child abuse and human rights violations against the parents and children if the parents are innocent?  How is this not the presumption of guilt by accusation only?

Furthermore,  some minor kids were reported to be adopted out without proof that the allegation against the parents going through divorce was corroborated.  My group, “Women Fight Back’ helped single moms get out of jail after filing for divorce, because the judge gave custody to the accused child abuser, even after doctors and social workers believed the child was molested in some cases.  The moms ended up in jail because they tried to protect their kids.  In fact according to Senator Shaffer’s report and Senator John De Camp’s testimony and book, some CPS workers were taking Bribes for Kids.

How many children are trafficked every year?

Nearly 20,000 victims are sold and trafficked each year. This number includes the victims who are as young as 5 and 6 years of age. According to UNICEF every two minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation. 1.2 million children alone are being trafficked every year.Feb 25, 2017.”    ( 

Colombo met with Senator John De Camp about 1996.  DeCamp informed Colombo that sexual child abuse and trafficking was all true.  He said that many wealthy persons and persons  in positions of power inside the USA and around the world were involved in child trafficking or pedophiles.  Senator DeCamp told Colombo that he and his family were threatened as he attempted to expose these serious allegations by speaking out.  He was able to encourage BBC to produce a documentary on his findings related to the international pedophile ring.  The documentary was set to air on television, but at the last moment, t was cancelled. Senator DeCamp wrote the first and second edition before passing away not long ago, “The Franklin Cover-Up.”  

A few years back,  after Senator Nancy Shaffer exposed Child Protective Services dark side; as I’m sure they have a bright side as well.  After Shaffer presented her scathing reports on “Bribes for Kids,” and went public, Senator Nancy Shaffer and her husband were  found shot to death.  The newspaper reported their sudden deaths as a suicide-murder under suspicious circumstances. 

Unfortunately, the majority of American citizens weren’t pro-active years ago when they learned that the persons in control of the USA were planning on using technology that allowed them to secretly violate the 4th Amendment Rights of every legal American and invade their privacy.  This new technology allows NASA and the federal government to spy on every individual in the USA and possibly around the world.  It’s my personal opinion that spying on innocent Americans could lead to more crimes against Americans based on the presumption of guilt and based upon anonymous accusers  or s known accuser’s accusation only. 

Prior to leaving office in 2016, Obama set up an organization entitled, “OFA,” also known as “Organization for Action,” listed  as a 501(c)4 that Obama set up revealed by  Maxine Waters  during an interview.  Water revealed that Obama set up the most powerful spy program ever prior to leaving office in 2016 that will allow the federal government to  spy on every individual and know everything about that individual.  Prior to the elections, Obama never dreamed that Trump would win the election of 2016.  Obama was positive that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton would be back in the White House it appears to carry on the spy program.

This new technology appears to me to be dangerous, Orwellian, and Hitler’s dream come true. I think  this spy program is dangerous to the freedom, liberty, rights, and privacy of every natural-born American. The temptation to spy on people who may be of interest to the employee could be easily violated. Many people in positions of power aren’t capable of saying no to bribes. Too much power is being given to government employees and the police in my opinion.  We should ask ourselves if America is turning into a police state!

The people in public office are just as capable of committing crimes as anyone else as we read about from time-to-time in the newspaper.  People with titles sometimes engage in an abuse of power.   The spies will know when females or children are home alone or walking alone down the street.  They will know where the kids attend schools and when they come and go.  The tracking devices could be used to traffic  more kids, not fewer.  After all, we know that China and Russia are capable of hacking into U.S. computers. 

Consequently, the wealthy and powerful within the USA, China,  and Russia,  were aware that politicians and CEO’s can be seduced by money, power, control, and sex. They are aware that many people are easily seduced by money.  It’s apparent that the powers that be can ignore their own people on the inside  in their closely knit organizations.  They are capable of looking the other when it comes to pedophilia, trafficking, open border bribes, funneling tax dollars, selling out America, depositing large sums of money into off-shore bank accounts and lying.  It’s obvious that witnesses can end up in heaven sooner than anticipated. 

In the news today, October 8, 2018, the video posted on this page presents a shocking truth about a male trafficker in India who admits that he kidnaps minor kids as “Human Commodities” for “Human Capital” and big profits.  The male trafficker admits that he kills minor kids that he can’t auction off and earn a profit.  This is Human Capital and these human commodities are the “disposable” and “discardable” human commodities that are of  no value, no worth, and no profit to the traffickers.  The kids who can’t be auctioned off are of no value to pedophiles and criminals involved in the trafficking of young females and minor children.  The children who are trafficked and can’t be auctioned off are viewed as “disposable” human commodities. The children are 100% innocent, but many are sentenced to death.

The male trafficker who resides in India is enslaved to his masters and can’t get out unless he’s willing to be murdered by those who have enslaved him to do their dirty work.  He takes orders.  He also places his family at high risk as well.  This is just one Human Trafficker.  How many more human traffickers are operating inside the USA and smuggling females and children in and out of the USA? 

It’s reported by whistle blowers and witnesses that Traffickers operate from around the world. They walk or drive across the U.S. open Borders and open tunnels.  It’s reported that traffickers use caves, cages, basements, underground facilities to sexually abuse young females and minor kids.  They overpower their victims.  They might beat them or starve them or do horrible inhumane acts that no child should have to experience.

The human child trafficker in the video appears to be the  perfect example of a psychopath or sociopath without conscience.  Human Trafficking of females and children is big business!  These crimes raise the question of how many in Hollywood are involved in seducing kids, runaway kids, and starry-eyed  parents who want their kids to be part of the Hollywood scene.  Many times, its alleged by child actors after they grow up that they were used and abused because they wanted to be a star.  Many of the victims, who are trafficked, are passed around within the inner circles. Many minor kids are used as prostitutes.  They can be used for  child porn, drug carriers,  gang raped or auctioned off as stated in “The Franklin Cover- up.”

It appears that the same Liberal women, who hate President Trump because he engaged in adultery with adult women (which I’m not personally condoning, but at least they were 2 consenting adults).  The Feminist Liberal females hate Trump because he used a word as locker room talk among guys not knowing he was recorded (and I don’t condone the comment). 

On the other hand, the Liberal Feminists hating on Trump and marching against the sexual harassment  haven’t protested and marched against the mountain high allegations of  rape, pedophile, sexual harassment alleged by victims for about four decades.  The Clinton’s are reported to jet about on the Lolita Express with wealthy persons and allegedly underage girls trafficked by registered pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein and the Liberal Feminist are silent on all of the allegations lodged by female victims without any support from the Me Too movement.

The Clinton’s and wealthy persons from around the world have been reported online and in the news to visit Orgy Island where more underage girls are trafficked by Epstein.  News reports allege that Epstein was jailed, but released early, and admits that he traffic females as young as 12. It appears for some odd reason that to the best of my knowledge, the FBI and the Clinton’s and the wealthy visitors never reported child trafficking and child abuse or gang rapes. 

These issues raise the question of how it is that none of the guests reported this crime to the best of my ability and it was allowed to continue on for two or three decades?  In  2018, its reported that an earthquake struck Orgy Island and burned it to the ground.  Hopefully, there weren’t any trafficked kids in the alleged underground facilities.

  1. There are approximately 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today.
  2. According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children.  (source:

The Third World Nations who are overpopulated such as India, Africa, Philippines,  China, Russia, and the Middle East are more vulnerable to sex trafficking.   It is a known fact that there is a demand for blond and blue-eyed girls from countries such as China, Japan and the Middle East who will pay more for young females or children with blond hair and blue eyes according to investigative reporters on sex trafficking.  There are many Asian girls and Russian girls who are sold as mail-order brides, which raises the question of how many American men purchase  trafficked brides on the internet, which is a question that appears to remain a mystery.

On the other hand, sex traffickers will kidnap any vulnerable young female s and minor children, using and abusing them as Human Commodities to be used as potential Human Capital for big profits are psychopaths without conscience in my opinion.    Globalism is all about Human Commodities used for Human Capital for big profits.  The disposable Human Commodities who are jailed or killed and of no value to the globalist.  Again, the children are at  high risk inside the USA and around the world.

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