Rose Colombo, award winning radio host and author,  (C) 10/7/2018

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Lawmakers propose laws and approve of laws that they believe will only affect the majority of the population, but not themselves or their families or friends and loved ones.  Judge Kavanaugh who was on the Bench for 12 years studying laws and cases and hearing cases that came before him probably never dreamed that he would be nominated for the  U.S. Justice and attend a hearing that turned into what appeared to be mob rule criminal trial based on the presumption of guilt, mob rule, and accusation only.

Most Americans were ashamed of how this job interview to be a U.S. Justice was turned into a horrifying circus in front of the nation and the world.  Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination was sideswiped by Democrats who stirred up their constituents turning them into disrupters and a lynch mob.  They determined by mob rule the presumption of guilt was their new law despite the fact there was a huge shadow of doubt over the allegation made by Christine Blasey Ford against Judge Kavanaugh.  

Due process of law was trampled upon by the Democratic Senators who didn’t provide a fair, just, and common sense hearing for Judge Kavanaugh. The Democratic Senators and a couple Rinos apparently don’t believe in the Presumption of Innocence which has been the Rule of Law in the United States since the Framers created the  Constitution of the United States of America.  There is new information that the lawyers for Dr. Ford and Senator Feinstein may have to be lawyering up in the near future as the FBI is alleged to be investigating Feinstein’s office and Ford’s lawyer, long time best friend, Former FBI agent, and former roommate.

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