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Rose Colombo (c) 7/8/2018
The history  of the tattoo is recorded and  goes back to the Egyptians and Cleopatra. It was revived by Hitler during WWII.  Hitler made himself the “one world leader” who would decide who could live and who should die. He decided to number each individual captured by his army.   Hitler’s Nazi German army was ordered to hunt down and capture the Jews like animals.  He also executed or captured anyone he  believed to be inferior human beings.  In fact, Hitler, ordered his army to break down the doors of the Jews at gunpoint.
Oh, but wait!  Didn’t Clinton-Holder-Obama and Hillary approve eliminating search warrants approved by judges and granting excessive powers to law enforcers who accuse any American of a crime, even wrongfully, so they can arrest and or enter without a search warrant?  Didn’t the Clinton-holder regime grant law enforcers the authority to bust down the  doors  of any American they targeted without the signature of a judge on a Search Warrant at gunpoint and terrorize and search their property without  upholding “due process of law?”   Isn’t that part of the unconstitutional “asset seizure law” and “asset forfeiture law” allowing the government to confiscate all your assets without charges filed based upon accusation only which in my opinion is unconstitutional, illegal, and unlawful and no different than a criminal robbing the American victim/s blind.   There are cases of innocent kids and adults who were terrorized and murdered by law enforcers knocking down their doors and ripping their homes apart after failing to seek out the approval of a judge and entered the wrong house.
Hitler’s army sent fear down the spines of every European.  After the army captured the Jews and those he believed to be inferior, he caged them behind barbed wire and indefinitely detained  them.  Hitler is said to have been a secret Jew.  He’s also said to have been on excessive Rx drugs and addicted to drugs.
Oh, but wait, “America’s #1 killers are Rx opioids and illegal drugs!” It’s apparent that Hitler was an addict when he was ordering heinous crimes against the Jews and homosexuals, Gypsies, and Slovakian citizens, Poland’s citizens, Holland, Christians and Catholic nuns who helped hide the Jews. Ironically, let’s not forget that the Americans elected two presidents who admitted to using drugs in their past.
 Apparently, Hitler was an extreme narcissist and psychopath without a conscience. It appears that he didn’t like himself, so he decided all Jews must be punished and wiped off the face of the earth.  He decided he was god, so he wanted all Christians and Catholics dead as well.  He plastered his face across Germany and Europe.
Oh, but wait, isn’t that what the Muslim Brotherhood promotes for America and Europe today?  After all, the stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wipe out Western civilization and Israel and kill all the infidels, the non-believers, Christians and Jews.
After arresting the Jews at gunpoint and forcing them onto trains, (today, they’re called FEMA trains and FEMA Camps), Hitler ordered every individual captured against their will to receive a tattoo with an individual number which turned them into chattel and human commodities for human capital.
Oh, but wait!  Didn’t Bill Clinton on or about 1993 order a “Study on Human Capital” to figure out how to determine the worth or lack of worth of each human being that would be of worth or no worth to the government.  His study would turn individuals into government property or Wall Street property.  Isn’t the study on Human Capital using every individual human for profit as well as to increase taxes and to enslave the masses?  The government would decide which individuals would be of worth to them and which individuals would be considered worthless and viewed as discardable non-humans who are  of no worth to the government or Wall Street.
Oh, but wait!  Aren’t pregnant women and unborn babies labeled as  human commodities and approved by the federal government as Human Capital? In order to fund the private corporation, the  federal government increases taxes forcing Americans to taxpayer fund a private corporation, Planned Parenthood, and private abortionists.  The federal government approves of aborting  future natural-born Americans as part of the U.N.’s depopulation program against the will of the majority of Americans.  In other words, the clever evil ones are forcing moral and Christian people to pay for the demise of future Americans, but the same Democrats and Rinos refuse to pay for the medical expenses of women, who give birth, which makes the Supreme Court’s decision obsolete.  The Justices and Congress swore to uphold God’s inalienable law known as  “the right-to-life,” which  makes their decision referred to as Roe v. Wade, 100% discriminatory.
  In America, they call the mandated numbered individuals free people who are just fine and never question why every  person born on U.S. soil must be numbered as property of the government.  The government numbers every individual upon birth so they can track and control every American Citizen.  But, without the social security number, an American can’t work, or pay taxes or buy a home, unless the Democrats and Rinos slip legal or illegal persons into public office and allow them to use social security numbers that belong to dead people.  They also have allowed illegal persons to  register to vote with the ID of  dead persons.  Americans without a social security number can’t work or purchase health insurance or car insurance.  Think about that for one moment.
Oh, but wait, Governor Jerry Brown approves of handing out Drivers Licenses to illegal foreigners in violation of immigration laws, so how do they purchase insurance without a social security number and how is the Drivers License legal if it’s possessed by an illegal foreigner?
Hitler sent his Nazi German army to terrorize the Jews, Christians, Gypsies, Blacks, and Homosexuals and disarm Europeans.  It’s recorded in the history books that he intended to make targeted people extinct from the earth.  The Democratic Socialist are attempting to erase the American history books and replace them with foreign fake history.  There are American leaders and businessmen and bankers apparently who sold out their country for 13 pieces of silver and a barrel of oil.
Oh, but wait!  Didn’t the Obama-Hillary-Holder-Lynch-Biden-Kerry Democratic Socialist regime spend 8 years attempting to disarm Americans and trample on their “right” to bear arms and the right to form a militia legally and lawfully and constitutionally, if the government creates a foreign enemy invasion under the guise of “Christian Refugees,” to change and transform the USA into a nation of foreign ideologies and foreign babble? The unidentified foreigners that Obama flew into the USA appear  to be  a majority of healthy males and a “Trojan Horse” from foreign enemy terrorist nations .  In fact, kids and young males from terrorist nations are radicalized from the time they are toddlers.  They are sent to the University of Holy War located in Pakistan,  so they can graduate and receive a degree in radicalism, ready to fight against Western Civilization.
The truth is that the federal government, state governments, and Wall Street are approving of foreign invaders knowing they will enter with fake identification and or be given fake identification because foreigners who refuse to assimilate and be loyal to the U.S. Constitution do not meet the standard and definition of a legal “refugee” or legal “asylum” seeker.  The government realizes that the unidentified foreigners and bad guys can invade the privacy of every individual American for good or bad reasons.  The government and Wall Street could invade every individual’s privacy in violation of constitutional law for increased taxation or even for profit as they appear to be in bed together. In fact, most recently, the federal government has allowed private corporations to invade the privacy of every American through the use of  social media. These corporations are publicizing and selling our personal information without our consent, knowledge, will, or agreement for their profit.  I don’t know why constitutional law firms have failed to challenge this unconstitutional and dangerous for-profit corporate gain that risks the lives of every American.
Consequently, the government and private corporations have opened the door of privacy and let in every foreign enemy hacker, terrorist, radical, criminal, illegal, abuser, stalker, and prisoner, who can gain access to computers, and gather personal information about anyone.  They can access addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, businesses, relatives and neighbors. These corporations are risking the lives of single women, single mothers, witnesses, abused persons who are trying to remain in a safe place, and they risk the lives of children,   It appears they are helping out the criminals who target women, children, and law enforcers or military families.  Americans know that criminals use information to create fake identifications.  We have millions of unidentified foreigners inside the USA using fake and stolen identifications, but yet, they are harbored, protected, and taxpayer funded by Governors, Mayors, and Democrats who refuse to uphold immigration laws.
Oh, but wait, the former President of the USA couldn’t produce a Certified U.S. Birth Certificate  because the woman delivering the document was killed on her flight into D.C. when the plane crashed and she was the only person who didn’t survive.  Now, that is a real coincidence, indeed.  In fact, many lawyers filed lawsuits alleging the former non-vetted U.S. President’s  Birth Certificate was fake and altered and his social security number belonged to a dead man!   The reason the Democratic Socialist and NWO Rinos, who sold out the USA and Europe to international foreign bodies, as well as  trample on the U.S. Constitution, appears to be an attempt to condition Americans to their slipping in ineligible foreigners into the oval office as well as foreign spies and foreign enemies or illegals, which has already occurred.  After all, the Left and Rinos can’t change and transform the USA into a foreign nation without slipping in the foreign enemies, right?
This raises the question as to why the masses of legal Americans are silent and they aren’t crying out that these people aren’t eligible to hold office.   In fact, many so-called refugees from terrorist nations or gang-infested nations aren’t legal citizens of the USA because they refuse to assimilate, but come to impose their tyrannical laws on America and Europe.  They aren’t fleeing tyranny, but coming to impose tyranny as they rally against America, burn the flag and raise their foreign flags on U.S. soil.  Millions of Americans believe that America was dictated to by a well-groomed black-white non-vetted ineligible man with two names to help usher in the New World Order.
In fact, our privacy is accessed by almost everyone whenever we buy or sell anything.  We must hand over our private information to loan officers, or credit card customer service representatives, as well as, health care facilities, employers, or the store clerk.  Many people have our social security numbers which can be sold to criminals.  This information can cause grave damage to one’s reputation and finances or safety.  And, the information online, could be incorrect.   We can’t buy or sell without identification and  we are forced to show our personal and confidential information to complete strangers.  In fact, we probably can’t  get emergency care or dental care or judicial help without handing over our personal information that ends up on the public record and may be inaccurate.  We can’t buy a car or home without handing over our “secret” and “confidential” numbers, right?  So, how is it legal, lawful, or constitutional for private corporations not to obtain consent to sell personal information that may or may not be correct and could get people fired or robbed, raped, or killed?  But, what do we expect from a Congress whose only concern over the past four decades is their bank accounts?
Oh, but wait!  The Democratic Socialists and NWO Rinos have been planning on migrating foreign enemies into the USA prior to 2008. The key Democrat Senators preplanned and approved The Global Poverty Act and Obama signed it as an Executive Order about January 2009.  The goal of this E.O. is to reduce the population of  natural born Americans at birth and babies born to poor people around the world requiring Americans to pick up the tab.  Senators Obama, (who voted for infanticide and partial-birth abortion), Hillary Clinton, Biden, Kerry, Feinstein, and the CFR approved of mandated taxpayer funded abortions about December 2007, which was prior to the elections, which leads to the possibility that Obama was pre-selected to win the oval office in 2008.
Furthermore, Hillary and Obama attempted to slip their secret bill into McCaskill’s military bill without public knowledge to remove the words “natural-born citizen” from Article II, but why would Hillary or Obama attempt to conceal this bill prior to the elections if Hillary Clinton intended to defeat Obama in 2008?  Could it be it was all pre-planned for Obama to win for two terms, while Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to build wealth for the Clinton Foundation, with the belief that Obama would pass the baton back to Bill and Hillary Clinton in 2016?
The Democrats and Rinos implemented their pre-planned agenda to flood the nation with 5,000,000 foreigners from the Middle East under the Obama-Hillary regime about 1/27/2009 by Executive Order without disclosure to the American Citizens.  Obama and Hillary even lifted the quotas for the 57 Muslim countries in the Middle East, but under which constitutional authority?  They failed to disclose publicly that they were diverting $220,000,000 in U.S. tax dollars to the U.S. Department of Refugees and would arrange for airplanes to fly Palestinians linked or members of the terrorist organization, Hamas, into the USA secretly at night. That is a foreign enemy invasion and an “act of war” against America according to the U.S. Constitution. But, who in Congress or the entire federal or state government cared?
Hitler branded the Jews and Christians and Europeans, who refused to comply with him or meet his expectations with a number  that would be tattooed on their arms.  Hitler ordered his army to tattoo a number on individual people he viewed as non-humans after his Nazi army kidnapped the Jews from their homes and stole their property and assets.  He made them homeless, poor, and gathered them up on trains like we watched in the Western movies when the bad guys back in the Pioneer Days rustled up stolen cattle and led them to the slaughter.
Oh, but wait!  George Soros, the billionaire, who spends his time and money attempting to devalue the U.S. dollar and make Communist China, the new world super power, according to his own words also stated that he enjoyed working for Hitler.  Soros stated on video that he didn’t have any remorse removing the property from the Jews, who were being dehumanized by the Nazi army under Hitler’s orders.  Soros is reported in the news to have funded Hillary Clinton and Obama’s campaigns and the anti-American organization, ANTIFA.  Soros is clearly an enemy of America and Europe in my opinion.
It’s amazing that the Europeans, including the Brits remained so passive until the American Military showed up to defend Europe and save them from extinction and destruction. The Muslim Brotherhood appears to be continuing forward with the same goal as Hitler. The stated and strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is to wipe out all of Western civilization.  The poor Brits allowed their government to disarm them prior to allowing the migration of millions of unidentified and non-inspected foreign invaders into their country from terrorist nations, under the guise of immigrants and refugees, but thousands of unidentified radicals from terrorist nations do not fit the definition of “immigrants” or “refugees” as defined in American law or English law.
The Iranian Imam and President Ahmadinejad stated on national television in 2009 that they intended to wipe out America. In fact, the stated and written strategic goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is  invasion, infiltration, overpopulation, and domination.  This is how to conquer all nations in Western Civilization who are complicit and leave their borders open and refuse to vet, identify, background check, check for diseases, and radicalization of foreigners entering into sovereign nations.
Oh, but wait, the foreigners from the Middle East and Central America have been invading the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, since Obama-Holder and Hillary Clinton took office in 2009 through 2018.  The unidentified foreigners have been intentionally infiltrated and even are allowed to run for public office in the USA.  The Obama-Hillary regime migrated polygamists with dozens of kids who overpopulate and are living off the U.S. taxpayers.  The foreign invaders believe it’s a man’s right to rape women and children or even murder them. This is in total opposition to civilized nations and Christian beliefs.  Americans are forced to pick up the tab for the living expenses and Obamacare for the tens of thousands flown in or walked across the borders from 57 terrorist nations.  The last step of conquering America and Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the UK is domination with the goal to control the world and wipe out Western Civilization.  How close are they if they’re on the last step?  We know how close they are in the UK because they sold out their citizens.
The foreigners, who Obama and Hillary flew into the USA without inspections, which is required by law, as well as the thousands of foreigners that were walked across the borders without inspections for 8 years as required by law, appear to be a majority of radical healthy males, which does not meet the definition of “refugees” or “asylum seekers,” but appears to be what I refer to as  “fake refugees.”  These healthy males from foreign nations appear to be the “Trojan Horse” to create civil unrest which is a goal of the New World Order members.  The “fake” refugees state on social media, video, and news that they aren’t migrating into the USA to assimilate or uphold constitutional law, but are entering into the USA and Europe to impose foreign law on U.S. soil and Europe.  The refusal to assimilate or uphold U.S. Constitutional law justifies the established constitutional Supreme Law of the Land, which establishes that the Obama-Hillary foreign invasion is not illegal immigration, but clearly reveals that when thousands of foreign enemy invaders are flown into the USA and walked illegally across our borders without inspections avoiding TSA and Border Patrol that Obama and Hillary, appear to have been implementing a  “foreign enemy invasion” and an “act of war,” not illegal immigration.  How pathetic that American congressional members and the entire Federal Government allowed the USA to be invaded by foreign enemy nations without removing and impeaching the perpetrators.
The complicity of European leaders and citizens during WWII, who ignored Hitler’s destruction and crimes against humanity reminds me of the old saying, “as long as it doesn’t affect me, I don’t want to get involved.” Eventually, the world was affected and everyone had to get involved because of the holocaust and mass genocide as well as the destruction to cities that Hitler brought along with his Nazi German army.
The truth is that complicit government officials and citizens are sitting ducks , because  foreign enemies, Communist or Radical nations never sleep, but remain awake as they plot to take over the world.  The stated goal of communist and foreign enemy nations is no secret as they dream of taking down the United States of America.  However, in today’s America, we have foreign and domestic enemies from within and without. We are witnessing the Socialist Liberal Democrats verbally threatening a legally elected POTUS, Donald J. Trump,  and his family, supporters, and GOP congress and staff.  Some of the Democratic Socialist followers and organizations such as ANTIFA funded by Soros, Hillary, and Obama, have engaged in violence as reported online.  Hitler also used his supporters to engage in intimidating and harassing his opponents and they were ordered to spy on his enemies.
 Oh, but wait, under the Obama-Holder and Hillary Clinton regime, Americans were unlawfully spied upon as well without probable cause and without their knowledge according to news reports including an opposing Presidential Candidate, who Obama-Holder, Hillary and the Socialist Democrats spew hateful words and threats, but they aren’t locking themselves up for a “hate” crime, a law that Obama approved back in 2009.  The “Hate Crimes” bill is unconstitutional because it is discriminatory and only protects two groups of people and one group are a majority of radicals from terrorist nations,  but fails to equally  protect the majority of Americans from  verbal or physical  attacks by these two groups made on U.S. soil who have killed and injured innocent Americans who peacefully oppose them.
Today, congressional representatives on the Left and a few Rinos are behaving in an extremely unprofessional manner.  They are  spewing hate for the POTUS and inciting violence with their lips.  They don’t have any positive words about the President of the USA because they are too busy preaching to Americans.  They shout and scream physical threats against President Trump and his family.  The Liberal Democrats and the Muslim Brotherhood’s organization entitled, “CAIR,” threatens to overthrow and impeach the President of the United States.  The behavior of the Liberal Socialist Democratic Reps and their supporters appears to be  a diversion away from the Hillary Clinton scandal known as Uranium One involving Russia and the profits that Hillary and Bill Clinked scooped up without authority (they didn’t own the 20% of uranium sold) and deposited into the Clinton Foundation under the guise of donations.
The Russian Dossier appears to be a diversion from Uranium One and from the Benghazi scandal, IRS Scandal, EPA Scandals, Haitian Scandal,  Fast and Furious scandal, and the Hillary-Comey Email scandal, as well as, the scandals involving the Clinton Foundation.  The federal government under Obama’s watch appear to have swept away the Pizzagate and Pedogate scandals as well as The Franklin Cover-Up and Clinton Chronicle scandals and the trafficked kids and 10,000 missing minor kids. So, who do you think is really running the government for their own personal, financial, and political gain while selling out America?
The Democratic leaders are behaving as  if they haven’t any respect for themselves or the nation and are determined to violate the immigration laws which they swore to uphold and are taxpayer-funded to do.   The Democratic Socialist members of congress spewing vile comments against the President of the USA are Waters, Sanders, Warren, Biden, Schumer, Feinstein, McCain,and former FBI Director Comey,  FBI agent McCabe, and Muslim Brotherhood supporters such as activist Linda Sarsour and more.
Obama, Michelle, Hillary and Bill Clinton, also continue to spew their negative comments aimed at the President of the United States. And, let’s not forget the Liberal Hollywood Celebrities who have threatened the POTUS. The Far Left supporters and representatives haven’t any positive comments about the improvement in the economy or our nation.  They are “extremely careless” because innocent Americans are being confronted by the supporters of the Liberal Democratic Socialist party as they continue to encourage civil unrest and then deny the accusation.  Apparently, the microchip and depopulation program as well as  disarming Americans is still an issue for the Democrats who were pushing to make it all happen between 2009 and 2016.
Even today, millions of people wonder how Hitler was never stopped by European military forces or the USA sooner than 1945.  Millions of Jews, and ethnic or religious people were on the list for extinction prepared by Hitler and Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.
Oh, but wait!  I read an Executive Order about 2009 that began with the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama-Hillary-Holder and Janet Napolitano team that read that the targets of the federal government (under the Democratic Socialist Party)  were targeting “right wing extremists.” The Liberal Democratic Socialist definition of “right wing extremist” were loyal law-abiding conservative American Patriots,  who opposed Liberal agendas.  They cited that if the President of the USA declared either civil unrest and/or a pandemic. that all authority would be turned over to the shadow government.  The shadow government is DHS-Fema who would have the authority to declare Marshal Law.  The Executive Order under the Clinton-Bush-Cheney regime granted these agencies the authority to act as the shadow government and quarantine Americans, patrol the streets, set curfews, and indefinitely detain non-complicit Americans in facilities where they would be reprogrammed and remain until they complied.  I assume that’s why Obama and Holder and the Democratic-Rino Congress approved the NDAA Law and why Bush and Cheney built the secret private prisons and Fema Camps.  Obama’s DHS purchased tons of ammunition and Fema trains, but trying to get a congressional member to admit the truth was like pulling teeth.  I finally did get one to admit it, but stated they didn’t have a clue why Obama’s regime were buying up taxpayer funded  Fema trains.
Never forget that the majority of Jews and Europeans caged in concentration camps were tortured, raped, starved, abused, and experimented upon without anesthesia.  Hitler even used radiation for sterility and depopulation of their “kind” because he viewed the Jews as non-humans.
Oh, but, wait, isn’t the federal government forcing Americans to be radiated and naked x-rayed against their will?  They are forcing every American to be assaulted without probable cause with radiation with knowledge that radiation can kill and there are no safe levels of radiation.  Why do people buy sun blocks?  Why do doctors and dentists cover up healthy parts of the body and walk out of the room before pushing the radiation button?  Legal law-abiding Americans appear to be radiated  by a majority of  foreigners employed by TSA, who haven’t thwarted any terrorist attacks to my knowledge, under the Obama-Clinton-Chertoff-Soros agenda known as TSA since 2009.  Apparently, the radicals weren’t walking through TSA at the regular airports, because Obama and Hillary were busy flying them into the USA as unidentified foreigners without the public’s knowledge for 8 years from the terrorist nations  so they would not be inspected as required by law and would by-pass TSA, Border Patrol, ICE and Sheriffs.
It appears that more natural-born Americans and legal naturalized Americans will be so radiated by the federal government with towers and smart meters, cell phones, GPS, and computers and at the airports as well as at courthouses and public buildings as well as at the dentist and doctor’s offices that eventually, they will reap the adverse health effects such as rapid aging, cancer, cataracts, sterility, and even death without realizing what happened to them. In fact, radiation can stifle the development of young children.
Oh, but wait!  Didn’t the federal government go after small business owners under the Obama regime?  The irony is that the federal government hit the news when they began investigating small business owners who offered sun tanning beds with low doses of radiation.  According to the medical journals, there aren’t any safe levels of radiation, so why is the government lying and going after sun tanning salons then turning around and radiating Americans at airports?   The elite by-pass radiation at the airports and fly in private jets.  In fact, there was one report online that TSA had the radiation level 10% higher than established by the government when inspected.  Should Americans not ponder how many people were heavily radiated without their knowledge?  It appears, the only persons being radiated by TSA at the airports are legal lawful natural-born American men, women, and children.  The Obama-Hillary regime allowed the migration of foreign minor kids across the borders and under their regime, 10,000 kids from foreign countries went missing. .
It is true that one evil man born from demon seed can make a difference,  One evil man can gain power and control over millions of people and kill millions of  innocent people.  One evil man can order a genocide and wipe out races or ethnic or religious civilizations, perhaps using HAARP and chemtrails as well as excessive radiation.
Oh, but wait, the #1  goal of the United Nations and One World Order, Americans are forced to  fund with U.S.  tax dollars, always leads to the disarming of Americans. In fact, a second important goal of  The United Nations is making all children a ward of the state and alienating parental rights.  I’m sure you can only imagine what could happen to those kids knowing that many persons in government and the wealthy are pedophiles.    And, it appears that the strongest support for  the U.N.’s Rights of the Child  has been Hillary Clinton.  Ironically, Hillary Clinton is a big fan of bigots who made history. Hillary Clinton was a big fan of Saul Alinsky, Margaret Sanger, and and Robert Byrd as well as Planned Parenthood.
Hillary Clinton defended her husband against allegations of rape, sexual harassment, and a national scandal between Bill Clinton and Monica in the oval office. Hillary Clinton has hit the news for 40+ years buried in scandals which include an accusation of rape by another woman and allegations of pedophilia.  She’s alleged to be on a video confiscated by the NYPD and handed over to the Comey FBI and appears to have been swept away. Hillary Clinton hit the news when allegations were revealed that she was part of a child trafficking agenda involving the children of Haiti during the Haiti natural disaster. And, of course, it’s no secret that Hillary and Bill Clinton are huge fans of registered pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, who flew them to Orgy Island many times on The Lolita Express to Orgy Island.
The target goal of the Socialist Liberal Democrats and Rinos who support the New World Order’s agendas is population control through Obamacare, HAARP, Chemtrails, chemicals and according to Bill Gates, mandated taxpayer funded chemical-laden vaccinations.  It’s a bit ironic that the news reported that Bill Gates and his family refuse to be vaccinated, but he’s on video discussing the need to vaccinate the masses and reduce the population of the world by 90%.  The United Nation’s Agenda 21 calling for the reduction of the population by 2021 has been moved up to 2030.
It makes sense that the United Nations and Muslim Brotherhood, and Communist, Socialist, Liberals, Atheists, and New World Order target Christians, Jews, Heterosexuals, Conservatives, Patriots, Pro-Life supporters, Pro-Constitution Patriots, and Pro-U.S. Flag, Pro-National Anthem, Pro-Pledge of Allegiance, and Pro-Bible. The Liberal Democrats and Socialist and Communist Party USA do not believe their leaders are psychopaths or sociopaths or view these agendas as crimes against humanity as well as a conspiracy against humanity to commit mass genocide.
The evil ones who support the evil international foreign bodies, while trampling on the U.S. Constitution,  continue to spray the skies  with chemicals.  Officials have admitted that they are spraying the world with chemtrails which they denied for years.  In fact, the EPA and federal government allows corporations to dump toxic poisons into the water as well as add high concentrations of fluoride into the drinking water.  The EPA allowed corporations to dump chemicals into the water supplies.  Oil companies dump methane into the oceans after oil spills occur.  The oil companies were allowed to save millions when the EPA allowed them to dump MTBE into the gasoline until people began dying and filed lawsuits.  The FDA has allowed chemicals to be added to household items,  food, and drinks.  The federal  government now imports rice from China that contains lead. The food industry injects chemicals and hormones into animals.
The farmers are struggling to survive because of corporations such as Monsanto who push their GMO’s. The government allows the sale of seafood after the ocean life was exposed to excessive radiation at Fukushima.   The federal government continues to expose Americans to radiation  not only at the airports, but public buildings as well.  Americans are going to be adversely affected by the radiation sooner or later, but there will be  no way to prove the cause and effect when they become chronically ill which can lead to early death.
In fact, Hitler was free to order his Nazi German army to engage in torture, rape, and starvation of those captured.  Hitler ordered his Nazi army to  gas millions of innocent people without interference from any nation.  Hitler placed fear in the minds of the good people throughout Europe.  The Europeans apparently were afraid to fight back.  Today, we’re watching Europe remain complicit once again.  Europeans are failing to fight back against the foreign enemy invaders who are conquering the UK, Sweden, Belgium, and Germany.  They should deport the foreign invaders back to their countries before Europe is gone forever.  They appear to be losing their nations by giving up their land to the foreign invaders from foreign enemy nations.  They should be detaining and deporting, and building walls.  Fake Refugees, Fake Asylum seekers and illegals need to be returned to their countries.  Europe and America either have laws or they don’t have laws.
Hitler was allowed to destroy books, art, statues, historical monuments, houses, and churches.  Hitler’s nazi and loyal army created an aura of immense fear if any Jew or European opposed their destructive acts. Hitler was an evil insecure drug addicted man.
But, wait, isn’t that what the “asset forfeiture law” and the “NDAA” law and the “American “kill list,” and “The Patriot Act,” and “Hate Crimes Bill,” are doing to legal American citizens right now?  Don’t those Obama-Holder laws target law-abiding Americans only and deny  “due process of law” and “Miranda Rights” guaranteed by the Constitution?
Oh, but wait,  aren’t the Liberal Democrats tearing down historical statues and monuments and suing America’s small business owners if they express their religious or moral beliefs?  Aren’t the Liberal Socialist Democrats tearing down Crosses and demanding the Bibles be destroyed.  Aren’t the Liberal Democratic Socialist burning the U.S. Flag and kneeling when the National Anthem is sung?   Gosh, could Hitler be alive and well at least in spirit?  What happened to love of country and loyalty to the USA?
The Clinton’s, Obama’s, and Bush’s all are BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) it does appear.  These three family dynasties have been of like-mind when it comes to open borders and flooding the nation with illegal foreigners. They are in support of the globalist, New World Order, United Nations, and Mandated Taxpayer Funded abortions of future natural-born Americans which is a depopulation program, apparently to make room for the foreign invaders who overpopulate.   These 3 family dynasties acquired extreme wealth as taxpayer-funded public servants and still collect pensions from the taxpayers.
In fact, several years ago, I coined the term, “Political Nepotism.”  Today, it appears that Political Nepotism and failure to impose Term Limits denies the revolving door to candidates seeking public office outside of these family dynasties.  It also denies Checks and Balances. The United States of America has elected the same people into the White House and Congress including family members for 50 years or so.  The majority of people linked to  these three family dynasties appear to be tied to New York and Chicago, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, UK, and Iran, as well as,  Harvard, and secret societies.
It appears that many of these like-minded long term career Democrats are linked to the Clinton Foundation, especially the key personnel at the FBI under Comey’s watch whose wives and family members were financially benefited.  The Bush’s and Clinton’s along with Kissinger and Soros probably mentored the Obama’s and groomed them to be the catalyst to enforce their long-time agendas on Americans by using a man who appeared to be Black and appeared to be a Muslim to place fear in the minds of Americans should they oppose him and his unconstitutional Executive Orders laid out by his masters who support the CFR and NWO and U.N.
It appears that Barry was groomed by the Bush’s and Clinton’s, as well as Bill Ayers and his father to be the rising star groomed for this time in history,.  And, that Justice Kagan former Dean of Harvard would assist in the Saudi Prince’s donation while Obama was a student at Harvard with the agreement to insert Islamic studies.  It’s reported Obama was elected President of the Harvard Review, but so far, there appears to be nothing to Review.  And, from that came Solicitor General Kagan and Justice Kagan just appointed by Obama aka Barry just in time to approve of the unconstitutional Obamacare.
In fact, it appears that the Kenyan Born Barry Soetoro, who stated and wrote he was born in Kenya while speaking to an audio failed to disclose that he re-entered the USA as an Indonesian National so how did the DNC and RINOS and DOJ approve his qualification to be an eligible U.S. President?  But, who cared in the entire federal government, anyway? In fact, Obama is seen on video stating that he was too inexperienced to be a U.S. President. It appears that Barry aka Obama was chosen and groomed by the old communist regime after WW II to flood the nation with radicals and no-go zones, sanctuary cities, and implement the unread rubber stamped “approved” Obamacare which leads to the mandated taxpayer funded abortions of future natural-born Americans and the mandated chemical-laden vaccinations, and the mandated insertion of the 666 Microchip!  It’s extremely important that Obamacare be Nullifed on its face immediately.
Is it possible that Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama was pre-selected to be the U.S. President prior to 2007 (maybe as far back as the late 1959)  and would win because of  Hollywood Liberal media favoritism during the campaign as well as fraudulent votes by ACORN members, illegals voting, dead people voting, and rigged electronic voting machines?  And, is it possible that it was pre-planned that he would appoint Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State so she could access worldwide wealthy leaders and CEO’s on taxpayer’s time and dime with the intent of creating a self-serving multi-billion dollar Clinton Foundation under the guise of a charity?  And, is it possible that it was pre-planned back for Obama  to pass the baton back to either the Bush Dynasty (Jeb Bush) or the Bill and HIllary Clinton Dynasty in 2016 so these 3 family dynasties could carry on the agendas of the NWO, CFR, Rothschilds, Federal Reserve, Muslim Brotherhood, Socialist and Communist Party USA, and United Nations?
It appears that Obama’s role was to implement the unread and unconstitutional Obamacare,  keep the borders open, and declare the U.S. Constitution and Congress to be “meaningless.”  Apparently, his job was to announce to all Americans that they are “small minded” and must give up our Liberties.  He apparently was to announce from the teleprompter that “America is no longer a Christian nation,” as well as, implement all the unconstitutional laws mentioned above. Obama believed that he could convince America to keep him on for a Third Term or at the very least pass the baton back to Bill and Hillary in 2016, but that didn’t happen.  Obama stated many times, “Donald J. Trump wil never be President of the United States.”  The Obama’s, Clinton’s, and DNC were shocked on election night and began spewing their hate and anger across the nation.  After all, Wall Street needs the green light to start making billions off the sale of the mandated chemical-laden vaccines, abortions, and lithium microchips, right
The Clinton’s and Bush’s with the help of the Obama’s, Soros, and Kissinger have been running  the United States of America for at least 50 years. This only goes to prove that all the money in the world and the greatest conspiracies and collusion that lay out the best plans by  brilliant New World Order architects can still go awry unexpectedly at the very last second!  And, I do mean second!
2c272bc3a0127442cbeda73a98df0b86---twin-towers--never-forget800px-666_Fifth_Avenue_by_David_ShankboneImage result for Free Stock Photos of Boston Attack
Nonetheless, the individual number tattooed on each individual Jew as well as the captured Slovakian people, Poland’s people, Gypsies, homosexuals and Catholic or Christians who attempted to hide the Jews from the Nazis were imprisoned into concentration camps.  All those captured were  tattooed with a number for tracking purposes as I stated. Of course, many were executed on the spot when captured.
Oh, but wait.  America has more prisons built under the Clinton’s and Bush-Cheney regime than any time in U.S. history as well as private prisons.  More Americans are in prison than any nation in the world.  Yet, we are  to believe that we’re the most civilized as they jail America’s senior citizens who paid taxes most of their lives.  Some cities are electing nazi type people who make it a crime to collect rain water and grow fruits and vegetables on their own property.  The Obama regime had no problem sending agents who shot a rancher to death.  He was unarmed and on his way to see the Sheriff and try to save his property from being ripped off by the federal government. And, there were other ranchers who owned acres of land for generations, but the Obama regime targeted their property with guns pointed and the ranchers ended up persecuted by the Obama-Holder-Clinton regime trying to protect their property.  The Holder DOJ had the American ranchers arrested and charged until they were recently released and pardoned by President Trump.
Oh, but wait, the Obama-Holder-Clinton regime had no problem releasing dangerous terrorists who murdered military men and innocent Americans on foreign and domestic soil from GITMO.  They had no problem releasing dangerous felons from prison onto the streets of America while Americans and Military men are rotting away for 5 – 10 years or more  charged with non-violent crimes.  All the agendas described lead to a totalitarian government and tyranny as well as genocide which models what Hitler had in mind.
It appears that the WWII tattoo led to the creation of the modern-day bar code Number 666. The bar code led to the “marking” also known as a “tattoo” of modern times which is currently inserted under the skin known as the “microchip.” Should Americans not ask if the  people in the USA and around the world are being conditioned to accept the lithium microchip as a modern-day convenient way to buy and sell?  Are the globalists using clever marketing and advertising with the goal of  encouraging people to chip their animals, in order  to condition Americans into believing that it’s  beneficial for human beings as well as convenient.
Shouldn’t people wake up and ask questions, especially young people?  How do we know if the government isn’t microchipping all the foreigners they are migrating into the USA as well as newborn babies and military personnel?  And, what if you lose a hand? What  if the  lithium microchip leaks and causes rashes and health issues?  What if the government refuses to remove it?  What if the government could target you and kill you under the NDAA Law if you are uncooperative or non-compliant by some high tech frequency without disclosing any of this information?  After all, it is an experiment! Are you willing to allow the government to use you and your family as an experiment?  I guess if one wants to be controlled as a robotoid and allow the government to insert a lithium microchip under their skin and that of their children then they could be he next victims enslaved under the NWO.
Oh, but wait, employers in Sweden and in America are attempting to force Americans to be microchipped.  Should Americans ask under which constitutional authority are employers applying that allows them to coerce Free People to accept the microchip under their skin or  else be punished?  In other words, if  you refuse the microchip, it’s like having an imaginary gun to your head and told – accept it or you won’t get hired or accept it or you will get fired, right?  Isn’t coercion a crime in the USA?
The truth is that there are millions of non-believers.  Millions of people don’t believe in God or that God endowed us with a Free Will and Free Choice and the Right to Life. On the other hand, we are surrounded by decades of greedy people who end up being psychopaths and announce they are gods.  God allows each person to choose to follow God’s laws and warnings and  choose their own path, unless we’re forced by evil people, to do something against our will.  We have a free will and free choice to either follow God’s laws and warnings or choose to use our free will and ignore God’s laws.  God will never force anyone to believe or not believe.
The truth is that we’re all sinners even if we think someone else lied, but we justify our lie by stating it isn’t as big a lie as another person we’re judging.  One lie can hurt many people, perhaps, millions of people could be hurt because of one lie.   (Many people believe the government has lied many times to cover-up their crimes or to create wars that may have killed thousands from that one lie.)  In Germany, Hitler lied.  In America, Obama lied.  Hillary Clinton lied.  Bill Clinton lied.  Susan Rice lied.  Pelosi lied. Maxine Waters lied about the housing crisis.  And many more have lied to Americans.  On God’s truth remains a solid foundation, not the lies of men and women that crumble nations.
It’s not possible for anyone to state that one sin is greater than the other because we’re instructed not to judge people (unless we’re on a jury); however, we must be discerning and use our free will to choose who we will associate with and not associate with which is common sense and good discernment.  God says, “Don’t throw your pearls to swine,” just wish them well and walk away from them.  Of course, that doesn’t mean family members or friends who you disagree with, but it does address people possessed by the demon seed who thrive on evil.
The Bible warns every person who reads God’s inspiring words written by men he chose of God’s free will to be discerning. The Bible says share God’s message because we are put upon the earth for individual life times and must face the battle of evil versus good. We’re warned to recognize immoral acts and evil deeds and to follow man-made laws so we aren’t punished for violating those laws, but most importantly, we are instructed to follow “The Ten Commandments” written in stone by God. The Ten Commandments cannot destroyed because they are God’s universal laws no matter how hard sociopathic men and women try to tear down and destroy the Ten Commandments.
Therefore, we shouldn’t judge other people, who we believe are immoral or living in sin, while we ourselves are without remorse for our own sins. Many people end up in the swamp. They are an overwhelming number of men and even women today trafficking kids and harming children, but we don’t have to hang out with them or associate with them, but we should defend the kids and punish the evil ones according to man-made laws.  Pedophiles are warned by Jesus in the Bible that there will be no mercy for them.
Many people believe that getting a tattoo is a sin, but who does it harm? It makes sense that God was definitely warning mankind of World War II and Hitler and his “mark” which was an individual number tattooed on each Jew or other person he captured as property or chattel who were enslaved. This was the greatest enslavement in the world’s history, yet, we only talk about the enslavement of the Africans. The enslavement of Africans wasn’t a national movement, but a movement by wealthy white slave owners who abused the Africans and they migrated them into America to work on the plantations.  (However, the Middle East, especially Egypt, kidnapped and enslaved Black Africans since they came into existence and they still kidnap Africans and abuse them and enslave them, but the world only talks about the USA).  The Bible informs us that slaves have been captured and used for sex and to work in the Middle East in the Old Testament and the writings of ancient days.
The truth is that not all plantation owners were white or cruel. It is true that many were prejudice and cruel, but there were decent plantation owners as well. Many plantation owners like Thomas Jefferson were good to the workers and taught the Black Africans to work and read and provided them with their own facilities. In fact, 50% of the nation didn’t approve of slavery and many Black and white Americans died to free the slaves. During WWII, Hitler was the #1 slave owner and his target of slaves were Jews, as well as a percentage of Christians and sickly or non-compliant Germans and Europeans who he targeted as inferior.  Every individual was a number, no more and no less.
Hitler  turned strong men into helpless hungry tortured souls. It is said that he was bi-sexual and liked both sexes and that many within his army were homosexuals but hidden from the public eye. Hitler was a hypocrite.  He is the devil incognito and there were more just like him.  Hitler is an anti-christ and murdered approximately, 12,000,000 people, some say up to 50,000,000 across Europe as he hated Jews, Blacks, Christians, gypsies, Slovakian, and Homosexuals.  And, then there was Stalin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein, Benito Mussolini, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Queen Mary of England, Genghis Khan, King Leopold II of Belgium, Mao Zedong who murdered 40,000,000 people. Idi Amin who led a coup to take over Uganda and murdered 300,000 people.  There are quite a few more tyrants from countries such as  from France, Asia, and other parts of the world throughout history.
Furthermore, if  The New World Order or One World Order must succeed then they must disarm the citizens of the world; therefore they must reduce the population in order to control the world.  They know that in the USA, there are more guns than people These NWO members may plan to seek safety from the devastation they pre-planned by hiding out in their  underground bunkers while Rome Falls; however they risk the possibility of Mother Earth turning the underground facilities into a tomb.  And, many are seniors or elderly today left over either from the old Communist KGB regime or from the hippie days engaging in pot smoking and LSD, communes, free sex, and cults.
The Americans and Europeans on the far Left appear to be okay with inciting civil unrest and causing possible pandemics.  The far Left and Rinos appear to be okay with the sale of Uranium One.  Hillary and Bill profited  from military-federal government property, the sale of 20% of U.S. uranium sold to the Russians, except the U.S. Taxpayers paid for the uranium and the profits belong to the taxpayers. The Liberal Socialist Democrats don’t appear to be concerned with removing government classified documents, sharing the classified documents or destroying government property and highly sensitive classified documents, even shared on Huma Abedin’s computer, but who cared in the FBI or entire DOJ?  They just wrote it off as “extremely careless.”  The Democratic Socialist Hillary Clinton and Obama supporters don’t  appear to care about the lies related the emails,  Fast and Furious, or the stand down called out at Benghazi.  Obama, Rice, and Hillary lied about Benghazi on National TV.  And, the Liberal Socialist Democrats care less about the mountain high deaths of witnesses linked to Obama and the Clinton’s.
It appears the goal of the Democratic Socialists and NWO supporters is to turn all of Western Civilization into a world of  zombies walking around with a lithium micro-chip inserted under their skin leading to the cashless society.  The lithium micro-chip will bring an end to Freedom of  Thought, Free Will, Choice, Liberty, Rights and Freedom or Privacy Rights which will be gone forever.  It will be the beginning of worldwide enslavement.
And, if the tattoo is promoting satan and the number 666 representing evil then it isn’t of any value or benefit to the individual or society.  Of course, tattoos that are considered to be art pieces aren’t in this category and they aren’t part of the tattoos representing evil.
 Consequently, the gang members of Central America tattoo their entire bodies which is truly a branding and ownership of each gang member.  The gangs call themselves a “family.”  The truth is that young people are selling themselves as slaves to live a life of crime and they are told what to do. It’s no different from living in a land of tyranny.  The gang members become the property of the gang leaders. Every young person who joins a dangerous gang endangers their families because the gang members have no problem killing an entire family if they are angry at a tattooed gang member.
Is the New World Order just a more sophisticated white-collar criminal organization using high technology to track and mark individuals.  It appears that if micro-chiopped the NWO will control individuals with the possibility of targeting individuals if they want the individual tracked and/or killed?  After all, the Obama-Holder American Kill List was implemented under their reign. The microchip denies individuals the right to privacy and the right to think and choose.  The micro-chip suppresses their free will.  Perhaps, the lone shooters were micro-chipped since their body language appeared abnormal. The microchip allows the NWO members to punish individuals if they choose to do so.  And, what if the members of the NWO are  pedophiles and are tracking your kids?  And, what if the microchip can be used for mind control?
In fact, legal American men were operating an organization that didn’t outrage Americans, I suppose.  These legal American men were branding women like cattle as part of their property.  This story barely hit the news and was swept away.  I guess branding isn’t much different from a tattoo that numbers individuals who are taken prisoner by evil people.  The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood and New World Order is to erase all of Western History including the holocaust so young people think that communism and enslavement are normal and the holocaust never happened.
American men and women,  even in positions of power, alleged to be involved in an international pedophile ring that was  exposed on social media could be able to track you and your kids. The International Pedophile Ring scandals were reported online as Pizzagate and  Pedogate as well as nd The Franklin Cover-Up.  These men and women aren’t minority persons or illegal.  In fact, the major player was a registered pedophile named Jeffrey Epstein who flew the Clinton’s and wealthy persons to his  Orgy Island on the Lolita Express where he trafficked girls as young as 12. Where is the outrage and why was it swept away?  Satan definitely offends God and Satan hates God.  Atheists hate God as well and they file lawsuits to kick God out of the USA.
Remember, if a tattoo is a number forced on individuals by any individual or organization or government against a person’s free will then it is evil.  A tattoo to brand people with a number on their skin and abuse them is no different from a modern-day bar code 666 that tracks your every move and what you buy, the date, time, and how much money you spent and how you paid, which can be good or bad.  The tattoo and the bar code 666 led to the modern-day  high-tech manufacturing of the “microchip” that is inserted under the skin on the hand or the forehead as I’ve emphasized.
Therefore, the  Bible warns against allowing the tattoo or mark now known as the “microchip” to be inserted into your hand or forehead. In fact, the  Bible warns against killing and clearly states that murdering a human being is not an honor, but a crime and a sin against God and society.  The Bible warns against men or women harming females  and children.  Today, trafficking females and kids is a multi-billion dollar business committed by evil people.  The Bible makes it clear that such evil persons will be punished for all eternity in the pits of hell after death.  The one “mark” you can take to the bank is that there is a Hell and the evils ones won’t escape that fiery pit.
The Bible warns  against enslaving people or abusing people or animals (bestiality) and warns against destroying the environment.  The Bible warns against worshipping false prophets, false idols, or men or women; however, people worship celebrities and politicians. People today join religions which in reality could be cults.  They worship false idols and false prophets or themselves, perhaps, as a god.  God warns human beings to guard themselves from being seduced by satan and from worshiping money or the material world.  This world is an illusion.  Remember, everything upon the earth made by man such as buildings, people, animals, birds, insects, bodies of water can disappear at any time.  Now you see it, Now, you don’t.
The Bible warns against tattoos and the “Mark” of the Beast from WWII that has led to the federal government’s turncoats who are allowing evil men and women to insert the micro-chip  into the hand or forehead of individuals.  Obviously, God is warning people about the Jews tattooed during WWII;  the bar code 666, and the micro-chip.  Perhaps, God was  warning Americans about the social security number which could lead to the microchip.  Remember, Social Security could have been a Ponzi Scheme.
The Bible also says the “Mark” will cause people to break out in sores, maybe not immediately, but maybe in the future. First, the U.S. government conditioned people to accept the social security number as a benefit to Americans and as a government retirement program.  In reality, the social security number marks every individual in the USA excluding illegals and unidentified foreigners.  Can the evil ones target people with a lithium microchip who are turned into robotoids and controlled and tracked by the worldwide computer known as the “beast?”  Satan is the “beast.”  Satan is “reptilian.”
The microchip company that manufactures microchips for humans and animals is located on  5th Avenue –  Building # “666,” NYC, New York!  That’s a Believe It or Not!”
3aa62967microchip666 Fifth Avenue by David Shankbone.jpg
It’s possible that Revelations and the Old Testament were warning about the coming WWII when Jews would be tattooed. Hitler implemented the largest kidnapping of innocent people and the largest death toll in modern times at about 12,000,000 Jews, who were ordered into the showers and gassed to death, which is known as the holocaust.  If Americans don’t wake up quickly and support the President of the USA and pray for him and the nation, it is possible more than 12,000,000 people could be wiped out and nations stolen from Europe, America, Mexico, Canada, South America and Africa.  Russia, China, and Japan are resistors to the foreign enemy invaders with the support of their government, but China is also a resistor of Christianity.
Remember, indefinite detention is an unconstitutional law in America because it denies “Due Process of Law” and “Miranda Rights.”  In my opinion, the following law implemented under the Obama-Holder-Hillary Clinton regime is dangerous to the freedom of every American.  It is entitled, The  NDAA Law.”  The NDAA Law was implemented by Democratic Congressional members.  In fact, the  catalyst who proposed the NDAA Law, which  denies the presumption of innocence also known as the phrase, “innocent until proven guilty,”  included Senators  Graham, McCain, and Levin.  Levin retired and McCain is dying, so it won’t affect Levin or McCain.
Should Americans not ask if it’s a mere coincidence that the bar code ends in 666 and that the manufacturer’s office of the Microchip 666 is located on a Fifth Avenue building #666, in NYC?  The numbers 666 are the clues according to the Book of Revelations that warns of signs when the end times are near.  It is at this time that the Lord may return if the people do not turn back to God and pray for his mercy and forgiveness and repent from the crimes against humanity.  Is it a mere coincidence that the evil ones are accelerating their agendas since Trump took office?  They are referring to Social Security, a government retirement plan, as a Benefit, not a Retirement Plan?   Could it be that they’re intending to rid the nation of social security and social security numbers and expect to micro-chip the masses with one individual number enslaving everyone to the few evil ones who seek to control every human being?
Will America and Europe be able to withstand and survive whatever disasters and scandals arise in the future?  Are Americans and Europeans prepared for any crisis including an alleged attack by the foreign enemy invaders if it should come to that?  Are the evil ones creating “collectivism” by the foreign enemy invasion so they can wipe out millions gathered together in North America – South America – Europe – and Asia? Did the evil ones cause Fukushima because Japan refused to join the NWO and refused to  allow a foreign invasion into their country?  Just Askin’ – Is the foreign enemy invasion under the guise of a “Christian Refugee” persecution no more than a Trojan Horse?” Are Americans and Europeans about to face WWIII or Civil Unrest and Civil war?  These are questions blowing in the wind……
The Following Video is not for commercial use, but a dissemination of information for educational and entertainment purposes only.
VIDEO – Click on link to watch –
Remember, the New World Order under Communist Rule of an Iron Fist all began with Hitler tattooing people with individual numbers as chattel and leading to the Social Security Number in America, which led to the 666 Bar code and the computerized Bar-code led to the lithium Microchip that could eliminate the social security number in the future if the evil ones succeed.  How many Americans, Europeans, Jews, Christians, Catholics, and homosexuals will fall for this pre-planned evil agenda to usher in the New World Order’s utopian world?
Remember,  God hears prayers and prayer can prevent the evil one and his demon possessed followers  from moving forward for another 50 to 100 years. How many God-fearing and God-loving people will stand up against the New World Order operated by the demon seed thrown out of the gates of heaven onto the earth.  God has given satan a period of time to seduce and recruit as many demon-possessed humans as he can who will sell out their souls in exchange for a foreign enemy ideology or the material world?   (Scroll down to Like – Follow – Comment or to read more blogs created and written by Rose Colombo.  Scroll down to listen to Rose Colombo’s worldwide online archived radio shows taped live)
(Rose Colombo is a long-time advocate for justice, award-winning poet, writer, author, cable TV and radio host, producer and survivor of legal abuse.  She’s help hundreds of victims of legal abuse and injustices go from victims to survivors with her understanding because she’s walked in the victim’s shoes, as well as her extensive research, and years on the front lines fighting back that has given her insight into the illusion of injustice).
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