Rose Colombo,  (C)  6/26/2018- ed. 6/29.2018 (videos included below)

“In the 1990’s, this writer, Rose Colombo, a long-time Advocate for Justice, reported on the former am-FM radio shows and cable TV shows she produced and hosted, “Women Fight Back” and “Issues of the Day” that America was jailing at least 25% of Americans who are innocent.  The accused generally pled guilty out of fear or ignorance of the law as well as  lack of funds to hire a lawyer.  Many accused with or without a lawyer sign a confession and plea bargain so they can go home.  Many sign a confession and plea bargain because of a lawyer who just wants to collect a retainer and move on to the next case so they don’t have to take the case to trial.  Clients trust the advice of their lawyers, right?  A lawyer may say, “It’s the best deal I can get.  Sign the deal.”

Remember, it was after 9/11/2001 that the migration of foreigners from the Middle East began to take hold under the Bush regimem when Schumer and Bloomberg spewed their disdain for Americans, who refused to be “tolerant’ and Politically Correct.” The Obama regime allowed the Muslims to bid on U.S. soil and purchase the land so they could  build a victory mosque on the human remains of 3,000 murdered Americans.  Americans should ponder if the  Muslims who were secretly migrated by tens of thousands  preplanned by the Obama-Clinton regime and implemented  for 8 years part of Obama’s change and transformation of America?  After all,  about 2009, Obama stated, “America is no longer a Christian nation.”  And, “America will never be at war with Islam.”

Should Americans not ponder if Obama and Hillary intended to create more jobs in the Department of Justice and Homeland Security to protect Americans from a foreign enemy invasion or to protect the foreign invaders from the American citizens who he funded and released from GITMO after murdering Americans? Of course, there’s the possibility that the intent of the Obama-Hillary machine was part of creating higher taxation knowing that the foreign invasion would force Americans to pay higher taxes for the foreigners and illegals living expenses as well as to pay for their stay in for-profit jails and juvenile facilities.  Apparently, none of this was in the best interest of the natural-born Americans and future natural-born Americans being depopulated under the Obama-Hillary Clinton machine.

Of course, it could have been part of the  Obama-Clinton-Soros plan to change and transform the USA into a foreign nation of foreign ideologies and foreign religion that is bonded to those foreign ideologies and can’t be separated to accomplish the written and stated strategic goal of conquering the USA without dropping one bomb on U.S. soil?

It’s important to nullify the Hate Crimes Bill.  The Hate Crimes Bill is based on accusation only that protects  two minority groups, the Gays and Muslims only, not the majority of heterosexual, Christians, or the majority of Americans which is required under Constitutional Law.  In fact, Constitutional Law protects all Americans equally, but the Hate Crimes Bill silences Americans and denies them the Right to exercise Freedom of Speech and can cause an increase of law-abiding good Americans to be sent to jail for up to 40 years if accused of a Hate Crime because you held up a sign or said something that a Muslim or Gay person/s said was offensive and accused the innocent Americans with every right to exercise Freedom of Speech in a Free nation. However, The Hate Crimes Bill helps fill the beds in prisons and for-profit prisons.

About 2009, two grandmothers were holding up signs promoting the Bible on public sidewalk under Obama’s watch.  Same-sex person/s reported it to the police and filed a complaint against the two grandmothers alleging they were offended aka insulted. This would mean that all books, art, and signs could be under attack as offensive or insulting just like the Nazi’s declared during WW II.  The two grandmothers hired lawyers to defend them and although they were set free, they were traumatized as well as their families and they ended up with excessive legal fees. It appears that Christians are under persecution by the unconstitutional and discriminatory Hate Crimes Bill.  Imagine if those two natural-born Americans who paid taxes all their lives were forced to die inside an American prison for holding up a Christian sign?

Therefore, should Americans not ponder if the NWO and U.N. plan  supported by the Bush’s, Cheney, CFR, Obama’s, Clinton’s, and the Democrats and Rinos, and part of MSM, planned on arresting more Americans as the Left preplanned to flood the nation with more foreigners from 57 Middle East nations as a possible “Trojan Horse.”  It’s possible as history has proven to infiltrate governments with enemies from within who engage in espionage and Breach National Security and employ foreign enemies, such as the AWAN Brothers, but apparently, all go without punishment in many of the scandals that occurred during the Obama-Clinton regime.

Furthermore, Americans should question why the federal government would allow Congressional members of the POTUS and V.P. to belong to secret societies which engage in anti-American and immoral activities in secret.  The Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR’s agendas are clear as to their intent which isn’t in the best interest of America or the American citizens, yet, Obama funded them as  non-profit organizations. The written and stated strategic goals of the Muslim Brotherhood published in their book, “The Project” are in opposition to Christianity, The Bible, Ten Commandments, One Nation Under God, and the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Their written and stated goal is to wipe us out – it’s that simple.  So, why invite foreign enemies to invade, infiltrate, overpopulate, dominate and conquer a nation unless you are “one of them?”

If a trial is commenced against an American with hard evidence, it’s a fact that many Americans end up in jail and are found guilty based on weak or strong circumstantial evidence if  believed by a jury or a judge even if the person is 100% innocent.  And, it appears that taxpayer funded public servants within the FBI, USAG, or politically motivated people such as the Clinton’s and their funders and mentor, Soros, as well as the Obama’s and their regime, such as Kerry, Brennan, Clapper, and more are well-protected and will not be punished in my opinion by their abuse of power.  They refuse to answer questions, they take the Fifth, they hire lawyers, and they appear arrogant and certainly aren’t remorseful, but justify their wrong doing.

The Democrats and Rinos under the Obama-Hillary Clinton machine appear to be self-protecting and held above the law.  In fact,this reminds me of positive identifications and many times, those positive identifications of accused persons aren’t positive at all, but mistaken.  Many people plea bargain even if innocent for lack of knowledge, lack of funds, and fear of the unknown.  Most Americans accused of a crime, innocent or guilty, plea bargain because they can’t afford to hire a criminal lawyer .  A criminal lawyer on the average could cost $10,000 and in some cases or cost millions.  The costs for criminal cases vary  depending on the individual case and the charges filed.  (Rose Colombo, author, exposed these issues in her award-winning book, “Fight Back Legal Abuse,” pub. 2010.)

Furthermore, the abuse of power is being witnessed today inside the USA by news reports of  bias FBI key persons,  bias judges, or judges on the take, hanging judges, or unethical lawyers and unethical prosecutors.  Hats off to those who are upholding their sworn oath and the U.S. Constitution.  But one rotten apple can destroy not only the life of the accused, but their family, friends, jobs, income, and affects society as a whole. The prosecutor’s job is to prove guilt, not innocence.

In the past decade, social media is bringing information about the good, the bad, and the ugly to light.  Americans need to know the the U.S. Federal and State governments have been building  more taxpayer-funded prisons and private prisons, private juvenile facilities, FEMA camps, than any nation in the world.  These government and private prisons and juvenile facilities  need bodies in order to operate and fill the beds.  The fact  is that it appears that the  guilty key persons involved in this sinister NWO and UN open border movement to flood the nation with unidentified people, a majority of healthy males, (not families or Christian Refugees) ,who may be cartel or gang members, ISIS or Hamas or terrorist cell members, or criminals.

Many foreigners or fake Christian Refugees or illegals, which Obama flooded into the nation at taxpayer’s expense without public disclosure are hitting the news after committing rape, murder, or pedophilia, because they aren’t being held accountable for their crimes on U.S. soil.  They aren’t punished and won’t be filling the beds of the U.S. jails for-profit because of either rogue judges, who may be converts,  or infiltrators who are now judges. or judges who aren’t upholding Constitutional Law.   This message to Americans would be that the foreigners who claim “religious rights” on U.S. soil aren’t being tried by the U.S. Constitutional Laws, but by their foreign laws bonded to their religion as one law which they claim grants the males the right to rape females and children or murder, even family members as an “honor killing.”  In America, murder is murder.  If that Liberal Leftist agenda doesn’t scare every American than what does?

In the past, the Border Patrol and Sheriffs would detain and deport foreigners whose ideologies and religion and strategic goal is to kill Americans, Christians, Jews, and force Americans to bow down to the foreigners, support their lifestyles, and enslave Americans or else punish Americans for non-compliance, but today, it appears we’re at a crossroads and many Americans from within in public office are either converts or appear to be anti-American and anti-Constitution and anti-God.  In the past, the FBI would have dismantled and deported foreign enemies under the law and labeled such behavior as “criminal” and a “cult.” In the 40’s, the FBI dismantled the KKK with the help of the Italian mafia.  And, the U.S.A.  saved Europe and America and the rest of the world from the Communist takeover by the German Nazi’s under Hitler’s cult and brainwashing of his National Civilian Security Force as he, too, recruited children.

In the 1970’s, they had no problem dismantling the, Jim Jones,  Manson’s cult, Ayers cult, and The Moonies cult and more. It appears that the Liberal Democrats are determined to destroy the greatest Free Nation on earth .  They could be close to their strategic long-time plans if they were to succeed at their threats against President Trump if they aren’t held accountable.  It appears that one of their goals is to legalize rape and pedophilia and even murder under the guise of “religion,” and therefore, we must ask how many secret converts are in public office?

Consequently, America has more laws, more lawyers, and more court hearings than any nation in the entire world.  America charges Americans with non-violent crimes and many times, they end up with 10 years in jail at taxpayer’s expense for  collecting rainwater on their own property.  By the way, rainwater belongs to God and all citizens of the world, not to the federal government.  Many Americans are rotting in jail for  smoking a marijuana cigarette even though, it’s the government who opens the borders to traffickers.  Some Americans are arrested for  drinking one glass of wine with dinner if they are targeted in public or driving.  And many military men who served our country under Obama’s reign are rotting away in prisons because they were accused by a radical terrorist of insulting the terrorist who tortured and murdered American troops.

Americans can be arrested based on accusation only  and that is a very dangerous path to go down because the government is stepping on the Constitution that guarantees “Due Process of Law.”  For example, if a partner or spouse calls the police for a verbal argument, one or both can be arrested on the spot based on the accusation by one or both persons.  There are cases reported of bad apple cops who add-on fake charges and many additional charges to secure the arrest.  The prosecutors can try to turn a misdemeanor into one or two felonies and in California, the Third Strike and you’re out law is enforced. This means someone whose non-violent misdemeanors are turned into felonies  could end up sentenced to 25 years in jail.

Americans don’t know how many bad apple copes may be planted a gun or drugs or manipulated the breathalyzer machine.  The controversy over the breathalyzer machine hit the news about 10 or 15 years ago because bad cops were exposed manipulating the breathalyzer machines to justify the arrest believe it or not.

A rookie isn’t necessarily a bad apple cop, but a rookie who may be inexperienced and made a bad choice.  Consequently, even one arrest for a traffic ticket could escalate to a beating, injury, death, taser, or an arrest, not only of guilty persons, but innocent persons. Once dead, it’s too late to seek justice, right?  What justice is there if you’re dead?  And a bad apple cop might stack up additional charges so at least one charge will stick and his arrest won’t be questioned or thrown out or the county won’t be sued.  Innocent lives can be destroyed.  Maybe, the officer is just prejudice or wears a heavy badge.  Perhaps, he fears that he might lose his job if he doesn’t meet quotas.  Maybe, a bad apple cop has an ego or control issue.  Perhaps, the bad apple is seeking to climb the ladder of success.

Of course, I would preface these incidents with the fact that the majority of officers are doing a good job and this is the job they chose to do.  We must be grateful that the good officers are protecting citizens.  Unfortunately, we must raise the question when abuse hits the news and ask, “What about that 25% of innocent Americans, who should have never had their lives destroyed, or gone to their deaths earlier than God intended?  What if someone I care about was caught up in that 25% of innocent Americans who are accused without charges filed or charges filed?

Unfortunately, bad apple cops create more problems for the majority of professional officers just trying to do a difficult jobs,  while risking their lives, in many cases. The police and Sheriffs, Border Patrol, and ICE are dealing with some really bad guys that deserve to go to jail or  rendered a death sentence.  Therefore, we must not become cynical because of the minority of bad apples among the majority of good apples.  The bad applies should be disciplined or removed because Americans pay to be protected, not abused. We need professional police officers to enforce the law or we will become an uncivilized nation; however, we must be watch dogs. We The People must advocate for Justice and against Injustice.  It is up to the citizens to advocate that the system make the wrongs right.

Should we not be asking ourselves, “Why would the DOJ want to create a land without crime if job security and taxes, profits, and even bribes create a revolving door for criminals  as many criminals, especially radicals and illegals, released from prison are repeat offenders.   It’s the same question when it comes to the open borders.  Why would the government want to stop the illegal immigration knowing drugs, human trafficking, and guns are trafficked in and out of the USA if persons from within are profiting in this multi-billion dollar business?

Of course, we are appreciative and feel relieved when we witness law enforcers arresting pedophiles and traffickers and drug lords on the news then we go back to our lifestyles feeling pleased and forget about it. However, how will the trafficking end if the Mexico-U.S. Borders aren’t secured?  How will the trafficking and crimes end along the borders and in the USA if they aren’t deporting the bad guys and are forcing Americans to pay for their living expenses in U.S. jails at $75,000 per prisoner per year?  And, if they aren’t in jail, Gov. Jerry Brown in California sets them up in sanctuary cities, entitlement programs, and Drivers Licenses, while raising his income and colleagues and increasing taxes for the American taxpayers.  How many state politicians don’t have to uphold their sworn oath and defend the U.S. Constitution that calls upon them to defend, and protect the safety and welfare of legal U.S. Citizens and individuals?

Remember,  one abused American is one too many.  The life you save could be your own!  Justice must prevail equally for all Americans.  Should we not ask what about bribes for jail? Recently, the news reported that at least two judges were taking in millions in bribes and in exchange without parental notification throwing teens and minor kids in elementary schools into the private for-profit juvenile facilities and prisons.  These little American kids who were behaving like kids were actually handcuffed!

Furthermore, prisons are big business.  Prisons are Human Warehouses.  They warehouse people.  Prisons provide jobs for millions of Americans working within the legal system and DOJ as well as Congress?  We need law enforcers and a DOJ that is of integrity, but we’re witnessing a DOJ that appears to have little integrity under the Obama-Clinton regimes and the Bill Clinton-Holder-Reno regime when the draft dodgers who never served the USA were all elected for two terms each!  The Rino-Democratic FBI Key persons and former USAG’s,  Holder and Lynch under the Obama-Clinton watch, appear to have gone rogue.  Their actions and texts should be testimony enough that they were bias against Trump and protective of Bill, Hillary, Obama, and The Clinton Foundation where it seems that  charity starts at home, the Clinton’s home.


It’s not often, but most people realize that some judges abuse their power, but only if they are exposed in the news which is rare.  Some judges earn a reputation as hanging judges  based on their personal bias when their decisions become a pattern.  The  lawyers know who those judges happen to be if they frequent that same courthouse.  Lawyers know who the gender bias judges happen to be as well within the courthouses they frequent.

Unfortunately, the reality is that all humans have flaws including judges.  Judges are judging strangers. Their judgement may not reflect the law in every case.  Perhaps, they got up on the wrong side of the bed or they’re having a bad day.  Maybe, they have a hangover.   Maybe, they just want to get the case over with and go to lunch and spend some time on the golf course. The decisions of certain judges could be based on race, gender, religion, or ethnic background.  There isn’t any way to know for sure is there?  In fact, it’s no secret that some  judges take the white envelope as written and stated in the book, “Justice for None,” by prominent lawyer, Jerry Spence.

Consequently, the prison system and private prison system has become big business for-profit, although some will say that there are prisons that are non-profit, but the administrators must get paid, right?  All prisons must make a profit even if their business depends on donations. Even  non-profits must make a profit to survive and operate.  The only way to operate a prison is by filling the beds,donations, taxes, and profits.  So, saying that some prisons are operated like a charity isn’t true.

Unfortunately, private prisons breed corruption in some cases and operate by handing out kickbacks to some  Judges who accept the bribes by using kids as human commodities for “human capital,”and financial gain. As I stated, excessive numbers of children and teenagers were being siphoned into the private prisons or juvenile facilities by judges taking bribes that hit national news.  These incidents create more emotional and financial and physical problems for the kids and for their families and society as a whole.  This is the Fall of the Roman Empire if it continues.  They are teaching kids not to build lemonade stands and not to work or the value of money by arresting parents if they don’t comply by paying for permits and teaching them to fear the law.

However, the Liberals and Democrats don’t appear all that concerned about the for-profit prisons and for-profit juvenile facilities or the excessive number of prisons housing America’s adults and minor children whether innocent or guilty.  They aren’t concerned about the Americans who are jailed and separated from their kids and sometimes given stiff sentences for minor offenses.  They seem to care less about the American kids separated from their parents who end up in jail for minor offenses or forced to plea bargain for lack of funds to hire a lawyer.  They seem to care less about the thousands of kids removed from America’s non-offending parents during divorce in Family Law Courts or based on accusation only.

Perhaps, the Democrats and Rinos who ignore these issues  are being funded by the Lobbyists for their campaigns. Perhaps, the Democrats force Americans to pay higher taxes to fund organizations such as Planned Parenthood,  who kill babies with abortion scissors everyday for profit, but claim they care about kids from foreign nations.  Perhaps, its organizations like Planned Parenthood who the Obama regime forced on American taxpayers against their will so Americans would be forced to pay for the operations of this  private corporation’s business.  How is Planned Parenthood any different from a slaughter-house where pigs and chickens and cows are slaughtered and sold for-profit?  Is this a vicious cycle of the Democrats and Rinos funding a business with tax dollars for big profits and then recycling tens of thousands back to the congressional members who supported Planned Parenthood at the expense of depopulating U.S. natural-born Americans as well as selling body parts and human tissue for research and at the expense of human life?

How is it the Democrats and Rinos appear to ignore the non-violent and remorseful first-time arrested Americans who can be easily rehabilitated, but migrate millions of criminals into the USA without proper vetting and care less about their backgrounds and radicalism as they hand out freebies paid by the taxpayers?  The government is also aware that these hard-core terrorists and radicals and gangs and cartels recruit inside the prisons.

The system and corporate prison owners must avoid “Ghost Jails” because jails are dependent upon America’s bodies to fill the beds if they are to make a profit and remain in operation.  Americans are human commodities in today’s world.

Just a note as Food for Thought:  America under the Clinton-Bush-Cheney regime secretly built an excessive number of private prisons with U.S. tax dollars.  They secretly built  FEMA Camps.  Under the Obama-Hillary regime, they used tax dollars to purchase excessive numbers of  FEMA trains as well as tons of ammunition.  Shouldn’t Americans be asking their representatives why and what is their intent and who are they intending to detain or shoot? In act, they purchased guillotines stored in Georgia and Tennessee according to articles online using U.S. tax dollars, so what do they intend to do with the stored guillotines? And, Americans shouldn’t be complicit because they elected President Trump, but should be asking who or what are they intending to put on the trains? Where are the FEMA trains we saw in various states traveling somewhere under the Obama regime?  And, why is the Obama-Hillary-Democratic-Rino regime seeking Gun Control of Americans but fighting to keep the borders open with knowledge that the gangs and cartels and terrorist cells are trafficking guns and drugs into the USA?

In 2018, Democrats continue to spew hate and threats against  President Trump and his family as well as all Conservative supporters.  They harbor, fund, and protect criminals but refuse to call them criminals.  The criminals should be the persons housed in those detention centers for entering into the USA non-vetted, unidentified, possibly carrying diseases, and possibly dangerous cartel members or terrorists.

If the kids aren’t properly vetted as well, how do they know if they aren’t radicalized from foreign Third World nations?   The hypocrisy of the Liberal Democrats and Rinos is simple.  They refuse to uphold their sworn oath to defend America’s sovereignty and legal immigration, legal identification, and legal citizenship, but they are silent on 25% of innocent American adults and children being thrown into jails, juvenile halls, and prisons for non-violent crimes even though they are innocent.  Thousands of American kids are separated from their parents and traumatized, too, and sometimes due to financial or health issues, divorce, or just accusations without evidence of child abuse.

The Democrats refuse to acknowledge that it’s the fault of the foreigners with knowledge that they are illegally entering into the USA and disrespecting Americans and America’s Supreme Laws of the Land. They know what they are doing and intentionally do it anyway.  The illegals and radicals are by-passing TSA, Border Patrol, Sheriffs, ICE, and the Port of Entry, knowing they could be detained should they get caught, except in California where there is no respect for legal immigration or ICE or Border Patrol. or U.S. Constitutional laws.

The Third World Nations and Communist China and Russia are sending thousands of pregnant girls into the USA to give birth as well. In fact, there are more Chinese giving birth to anchor babies without being revealed on MSM.  If you note, they only talk about the Hispanics, not the Chinese, Russians, Armenians,57 Muslim nations Muslims (who are off-limits), Hondurans,or those entering from Somalia, Africa, Philippines, or Guatemala. They only mention Mexico.  The government and MSM doesn’t include the Europeans and Canadians residing in the USA or from other nations with expired visas and Green cards.

How is it Americans must now pick up the tab for tens of thousands of minor kids being trafficked and smuggled into the USA if they aren’t raped, tortured, killed, or die of heat exhaustion or drown in the river along the way to pick up the tab for their reunification from foreign nations even though the kids are unidentified and sent by the parents.  This is insanity at its best.  Are they turning Border Patrol into a Day Care Center now while American parents can’t afford daycare centers or get reunification in far too many cases with their biological kids after divorce.

It’s amazing that the open borders began with the CFR, Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Hillary Clinton administrations and President Trump is getting the blame as the Leftist Liberals, celebrities and congressional members, ANTIFA and Liberal supporters threaten the lives of the POTUS and his family and supporters.  How are they any better than the criminals they are throwing into private prisons for profit?

Therefore, there isn’t any choice but to house tens of thousands of foreigners in detention centers until they are identified and released and deported back to their countries or remain depending on the decision of the government. Albeit, there should be no abuses recurring inside the detention centers for Americans or foreigners, especially children, who are the pawns in this trafficking game for-profit and for increased taxation, and to change and transform America into a Banana Republic.

It’s a fact that cartels buy children or kidnap them and traffic females and children into the USA and around the world.  The Open Border Policies have helped the cartels and ISIS and gangs to create a multi-billion dollar business, but they can’t be this successful without enemies from within the USA and the other nations in key positions allowing them to do so.  Corrupted persons from within appear  to be accepting the white envelopes as well is my opinion.

The traffickers who kidnap the kids and traffic them for-profit, such as ISIS and cartels, abuse them and force them into prostitution, sex slavery, work slaves, drug couriers, and gun traffickers.  The traffickers kidnap humans and use them as human commodities for big profits.  The Liberal Democrats and Rinos aren’t willing to address the core of the serious problem at the borders but are using the smuggled kids into the USA as reasons to keep the borders wide open with total disregard for those kids and for the legal American Citizens who pay their wages.

They ignore the truth that many kids die from heat exhaustion or drown in the river, or are kidnapped, raped, and murdered along the way,   In fact, under Obama’s watch, foreign kids  smuggled into the USA were caged and reported in the news, but long forgotten by the Democrats.  And, under the Obama-Hillary Clinton  watch, at least 10,000 kids went missing.  A lawsuit was filed against the federal government and Obama by a U.S. Law Firm.

The invasion of tens of thousands of foreigners who  remain unidentified and non-vetted are causing the excessive increase of  taxes in order to support the no-go zones and sanctuary cities. The Democrats and Rinos are increasing taxes to build more private prisons  as illegal immigration helps  fill the beds with foreign bodies in these human warehouses at the expense of the American taxpayers. In California, the cost to house one prisoner per year costs more than $75,000 in the state of California.  California is going broke!  Governor Jerry Brown and his Democratic Liberal machine is succeeding at destroying the Golden State which is becoming unrecognizable, especially in San Diego, Anaheim, and San Francisco.  Of course, May Rahm, is doing the same in Chicago with the Black on Black murder rate escalating under his watch.

The New World Order supporters have been creating a nation of prisons!  And, most of the prisoners are America’s men, women, and children.  So, who are they at war with and who are they targeting for arrests?  We must ask on the other hand, are Americans being walled in as its becoming increasingly more difficult – not for illegals and radicals who were flown in and walked across the borders under Obama’s orders by-passing searches and pat downs and background checks; however legal law-abiding Americans born in the USA are finding it more cumbersome as their privacy is invaded whenever they attempt to  leave and re-enter into the USA without providing excessive and Orwellian identification all the way down to your private parts being photographed and being radiated or even touched.

Remember, if  these prisons don’t have beds filled with bodies, they become “ghost prisons” and defunct and bankrupted.  By allowing open borders, the federal government creates more crimes of kidnapping, theft, murder, rape, pedophilia, illegal drug and illegal gun trafficking and crimes.  Crimes create higher taxes and profits and job security.  If the Democrats and Rinos were serious, they would close down the borders until all foreigners and immigrants on entitlement programs were e-verified and everyone residing inside the USA is identified and those in violation of our laws detained and returned to their countries.  American either has laws for all people or they should leave D.C. and allow the free for all they are creating evolve for they appear to be pushing for civil war on U.S. soil.  Perhaps, that’s why Obama declared America to be a “battlefield.”  Did he migrate a Trojan Horse into the USA for 8 years?”

The video below is posted  for educational and entertainment purposes only – click below  (Rose Colombo is an award-winning author, radio host, poet, and long-time advocate for justice – visit her website at

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  1. I dont agree it is all liberals and democrats. Here the numbers show it is tea party and right wing republicans.

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