Listen Taped Live! Colombo Chronicles Live Worldwide Online Radio! Rose Colombo welcomes Serita Stevens, Nurse, Best-Selling author sharing her hot book, “Forensic Nurse” and Law Enforcement and Crimes

Have you ever been a victim of a crime or domestic violence and felt intimidated because no one believed your story?  Well, Serita Stevens, shares her experiences as a “Forensic Nurse” and the new role of the nurse in law enforcement working with lawyers, police, patients who may be victims of a crime, and looks at the evidence to see what it’s telling so she can help prepare it and testify about it in a court of law.

The Forensic Nurse knows what to look for while even well-trained nurses and doctors do not and many don’t look for evidence because the Forensic Nurse is trained in law and medicine which also can involve insurance companies, workman’s compensation, and suspected criminal cases which may have a need for a Forensic Nurse when there are forensic connotations.

Take a listen and click on:

Rose Colombo is an award-winning author and poet; radio host, producer and host of a cable TV program she created as well as an Advocate for Justice.  Check out Rose on Facebook –  Twitter@Rose4Justice –  Pinterest –   Tumblr  –  Google+


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