Listen to Colombo Chronicles BTR Show with (ret) Don Brockett, Top Prosecutor for Washington State and author/The Tyrannnical Rule of the U.S. Supreme Court? Is America Losing Their Constitutional Form of Government?

Listen to worldwide online radio taped live every Wednesday with award-winning author and host, Rose Colombo.  You’ll be intrigued with an expert on the Constitution and the Supreme Court who shares his book, “The Tyrannical Rule of the U.S. Supreme Court and seeks answers by exploring an important question on the minds of all Americans.  Are Americans losing their Constitutional Form of Government or have we already lost it?

(Ret.) Top Prosecutor of Washington State who tried several high-profile criminal cases that hit national news including the “South Hill Rapist.”  The suspect’s mother threatened to hire a hit man to kill the judge and beat Mr. Brockett to a pulp.  He was appointed to handle all appeals cases in the Washington State Supreme Court and newly created Court of Appeals for Division III.  He argued cases in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court. He practiced law for decades until he retired.

Click the Link Below to Listen:–8pm-pst



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