What if the New World Order infiltrated the federal government with foreign enemies who set out a myriad of Jihads to be carried out in the USA by migrating millions of unchecked foreigners into the USA from Third World nations.  What if one or two or more were carrying unknown diseases that were airborne and communicable?  You ask why would they do that?  Perhaps, there are a few reasons.  First, what if they intended to reduce the population?   Second, what if their intent is to call out a Pandemic and Martial Law and usher in the shadow government to take control of America?  Under a current Presidential Directive, the DHS-Fema has been given authority to quarantine, set up curfews, and indefinitely detain people.  Could they send troops to knock down doors at gun point and search private homes for weapons?  After all, the Obama-Clinton regime’s goal is gun control.  What if the intended to implement mandated taxpayer funded vaccinations which is still law as long as Obamacare isn’t repealed or nullified.  How is it that the Obama-Clinton RINOS and Democrats exempted themselves from the same fate as they imposed on the majority of Americans? Now, these are theories but based on actions taken by the Obama-Bush and Clinton regimes.  Did they pre-plan a pandemic and build private prisons and FEMA camps? Why would they direct DHS-FEMA to trample on the authority of Congress and the Oval office without constitutional authority to trample on the authority of the Congress? , FEMA is a created taxpayer funded agency, not part of the constitutional 3 branches of government. Join Rose Colombo on Colombo Chronicles Live every Wednesday from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. pst and 11:00 to midnight est, when prominent guests join her to discuss a variety of topics from love to the mafia, constitution, health and more.

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Rose Colombo can be seen on amazon.com/books and Facebook/The Justice Club or Twitter@Rose4Justice

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