America Awakened Just in Time! God surprised America when things looked dim near the stroke of midnight on 11-8-2016.  God and the American Patriots answered the prayers of the majority of Americans! God performed a Miracle for all to witness before the stroke of midnight to the surprise of many, especially the Democrats! America is a God-Loving and God-Fearing nation and We The People  should never fear their government’s elected and appointed taxpayer temporary funded Public Servants!  However, most  Americans lived under the fear the Obama and Clinton machine.   Many Americans fear the  White House and the DOJ today because  they feel threatened by bullies. They fear losing their lives if they happen to be witnesses, Whistle-Blowers, and Patriots. They fear that their freedom – safety – economic and military status – the unborn babies snuffed out by abortion scissors – America’s health care rationed, denied, made unaffordable by increasing the costs by $1,500 plus per year for every household.  Fortunately, America woke up, Just in time!  Americans have never experienced the mile long lines of voters waiting to vote in the USA!  Never before have we seen so many Americans being pro-active and watching for voter fraud and reporting voter fraud because they don’t trust the government any longer. Rose will talk about the road to success that lead to the restoration of America. ca – Share – Follow Rose  Comment Below –

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Source: Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/So. Ca. Motion Picture Award Winner Radio Host 11/09 by FreedomizerRadio | News Podcasts

Rose Colombo, So. Ca. Motion Picture Council Award-Winning Radio Host; Irwin Award winning Author and 5 Star Review; former local award-winning newspaper columnist, One Woman’s Opinion, and former cable TV show, Issues of the Day and Women Fight Back, Founder and President of currently inactive movement, “Women Fight Back.”  You can find Rose Colombo on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter@Rose4Justice

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